Sunday, 28 April 2019

Various Artists - Spring 2011

01 Ruth White - The Clock
02 Pisces - Dear One
03 Staff Carpenborg and the Electric Corona - P.A.R.T.Y.
04 Moolah - Crystal Waters
05 Electric Banana - Blow Your Mind
06 Amon Düül II - Wie Der Wind Am EndeEiner Strasse
07 Popera Cosmic - Les Esclaves
08 Itsutsu No Akai Fusen - I Feel...
09 The Orkustra - Bombay Calling
10 Relatively Clean Rivers - Easy Ride
11 Harvester - Och Solen Gar Upp

Another vintage mixtape.

Spoken word electronica, psych pop, Krautrock, Texas private press, London hard psych, Kosmische, French prog pop, Japanese folk, San Francisco world psych, hippy private press and Swedish commune rock.

Glücksfall - Glücksfall II

TOR64. Released April 2019.

01 Marie Corelli
02 The Curious Death of Lester Bangs
03 Fell, Not Dell
04 You Say You Believe in the Soul?

For the second volume, we were joined by Amy Tweddle. 

Again spontaneously composed, this time between 20:30 and 20:00.

Glücksfall will make their live debut in May.

Watch the video for 'Fell, Not Dell':

Glücksfall - Glücksfall I

TOR63. Released April 2019.

01 Ani
02 Flaccid on Acid
03 Alpine Tracheotomy
04 The Fridge Spoke First

After the enjoyment of the live Häxan experience, myself, Joe and Jonathan expressed a desire to work together again. We deciced we would like to start a band that channeled our love of kosmische, Krautrock and improvisation.

The idea was discussed and we were joined by Jill Wallace (Brocken Spectre), Mike Roper (Blind Fiction) and later, Amy Tweddle (We Are Quasaars).

We had our first and so far only session on the 27th of February. The tracks that make up the first Glücksfall release were recorded between 18:30 and 20:00.

Completely improvised and spontaneously composed.

Watch the video for 'Alpine Tracheotomy':