Saturday 29 August 2020

Country Joe And The Fish - Country Joe And The Fish E.P.


Rag Baby Records 1966

01 Bass Strings

02 Thing Called Love

03 Section 43

I don'y always like the music of Country Joe, but I've always been interested in their idea of using records as propaganda and promotion of counter culture ideas.

This E.P. (their second release) became legendary in San Francisco and was sold for $1 a copy. Despite it's cottage industry origins, it appeared in underground record shops in New York and London.

Moving away from folky protest, the band move into bay area psychedelia.

Spiritualized Electric Mainline - Lay Back In The Sun


Dedicated 1995

01 Lay Back in the Sun
02 The Slide Song
03 Spread Your Wings (Instrumental)
04 Lay Back in the Sun (Instrumental)

The final release from the Pure Phase / Electric Mainline period of Spiritualized.

The Byrds - Ideas As Maps


Self Made 2017 (Recorded 1967)

01 So You Want to Be a Rock 'N' Roll Star
02 Have You Seen Her Face?
03 C.T.A. - 102
04 Renaissance Fair
05 Time Between
06 Everybody's Been Burned
07 Thoughts and Words
08 It Happens Each Day
09 The Girl With No Name
10 Mind Gardens
11 My Back Pages

The Byrds re-imagined alternate history continues. This time, it's 1967 and the album 'Younger Than Yesterday'. 
To be fair, the original album is one of the band's finest and it hasn't been altered too much. 
The track 'Why?' has been removed, an earlier (in my opinion better) version was recorded the previous year and I used that on my own 1966 version 'Byrds '66'. The outtake 'It Happens Each Day' has been added, it's a complete mystery why this Crosby original was left unreleased. 'Mind Gardens' has been substituted for an earlier take and finally, the original single version of 'My Back Pages' has been used with it's lovely Leslie Speaker lead guitar for extra psych.