Thursday, 30 June 2022

Can - Can '68


Self made compilation 2022

01 Agilok & Blubbo
02 Im Tempel
03 Indisches Panorama I
04 EFS No 7
05 Kamerasong
06 In Kalkutta III
07 EFS No 8
08 Pre-Historic Future (Part One)
09 I'm Hiding My Nightingale

Just a note before the details of this entry; this posts marks ten years of doing this blog. Ten years. Every month. A massive thank you to everyone that has followed, commented and enjoyed the music here. Since I started, a lot of these albums have been remastered, re-issued etc...the entire point of this blog was to highlight the rare, experimental, hard to find and alternative music that I love.

Thanks everyone. x

Anyway, CAN.

This is a compilation of predominantly pre 'Delay 1968' material. I wanted a compilation in an album format to play before the debut. 

Robbie Basho - Reed College, Portland, Oregon (08-04-67)


Not on label 2021

01 Medicine Raga
02 Lost Lagoon Suite
03 Untitled
04 Untitled [Incomplete]

Some recently unearthed Robbie Basho; a live set from the same year as 'Basho Sings!' and both volumes of 'The Falconers Arm'.

This soundboard recording popped up last year, many thanks to the uploader:

"In late 2019, fellow Neil Young fan and Reed College alumnus, Jim B contacted me. He said that Reed College alum Steve Halpern had a group of late 60’s/early 70’s Reed College recordings of Reverend Gary Davis, John Lee Hooker, John Fahey & Robbie Basho that needed transferring. In 1985, Steve found the recordings among a cache of reels in a Reed College library backroom while researching poet Lew Welch. It appeared that most of the reels were of official college business - board meetings etc, but others were student run campus events including lectures and music. He borrowed a few of the music related reels and transferred them using a reel to reel player from the library’s AV dept, to a radio shack “y” cable plugged the reel to reel’s RCA jacks into one of those ubiquitous, small, portable Panasonic cassette player/recorders. He doesn’t know if the originals were mono or stereo. The library was remodeled in 2008. As Steve was later told, most of the miscellaneous contents of the library was stored in bins in another building while the remodeling occurred. Steve thinks the reels, many of which had no labels, may have been discarded afterwords."

Basho's set was actually the first of the evening, earlier that night was John Fahey. more of that in posts to come...

Ruth White - 7 Trumps From The Tarot Cards And Pinions


Limelight 1969

Side 1: 7 Trumps From The Tarot Cards

01 Wheel Of Fortune
02 Magician
03 Hanged Man
04 Sun
05 Tower
06 Lovers / World

Side 2: Pinions (A Choreography About Symbolic Flight)

07 Beginnings (Prototypes)
08 No Wings (Without Imagination / No Desire For Flight)
09 Wings Clipped (Too Many External Involvements / Flight Stopped)
10 Wanting Wings (Limited Capacity / No Flight Possible)
11 Love Gives Wings (With Wings)

Echoing back to my very first post, here's electronic pioneer Ruth White with another album of Moog and noise. Released the same year as 'Flowers of Evil'.

Ruth White uses several multi-channel tape recorders (including 2 new Ampex AG 440 machines), a Moog synthesizer, oscillators, modulators, electronic organ and electronic clavichord, two pianos, a harpsichord, and variable speed and reverberation devices.

Tuesday, 31 May 2022

Morton Feldman – Rothko Chapel / Why Patterns?


New Albion 1991

01 Rothko Chapel I
02 Rothko Chapel II
03 Rothko Chapel III
04 Rothko Chapel IV
05 Rothko Chapel V
06 Why Patterns?

Modern classical composer Morton Feldman is best known for his association with John Cage and other avant-garde modern composers of the time.

In 1971, Feldman was commissioned to create a composition to accompany a series of paintings by Mark Rothko in a non-denominational chapel. Scored for chorus, viola and percussion. First performed April 1972, the Rothko Chapel, Houston, Texas.

'Why Patterns?' for flute, glockenspiel and piano, was first performed October 1978, San Francisco.

Engaging, droney soundscapes.

The Gosdin Brothers - Tell Me / One Hundred Years From Now


Unreleased single 1966.

01 Tell Me
02 One Hundred Years From Now

Most here will know The Gosdin Brothers from their appearance as the backing vocalists from Gene Clark's debut album. They didn't make too much of a commercial mark on their own, with only one album (1968's 'Sounds Of Goodbye') and a couple of singles that failed to chart. They were however, very influential harmony singers and songwriters and several solo albums followed.

There were several attempts to break Vern and Rex into the mainstream, the best of which went unreleased but is right here and was produced by none other than The Byrds Chris Hillman. The Gosdins had developed a relationship with The Byrds; touring with the band and sometimes guesting on recordings.

In December 1966, managers Dickson and Tickner arranged a session to produce a new single. Perhaps to harness popular appeal, Bryds bassist, vocalist and now songwriter Chris Hillman was drafted in to produce the single. Three songs were recorded; 'One Hundred Years From Now', 'No Matter Where You Go (There You Are)' and 'Tell Me'.

The first two tracks were released the following year on one off imprint Edict Records but failed to achieve the desired effect. The Gosdin Brothers felt uncomfortable with attempts to move their sound to a more contemporary setting and soon returned to a more traditional country sound.

Unreleased track 'Tell Me' is the real gem here; nice mid sixties groovy swing that sounds like it could of fallen off both 'Gene Clark and the Gosdin Brothers' and 'Younger Than Yesterday'. Not only was it recorded in the same studios as those albums in 1966, the record features Chris Hillman on bass, Mike Clarke on drums and Clarence White on guitar. It has more Byrds than some Byrds records!

Needless to say, this is for Byrds fans.

Monday, 30 May 2022

Mystery Spring - This House Is On Fire



01 Manuela
02 Ghost Ship
03 Rainmaker
04 Wish You Well
05 Cold Country
06 Black Dog Heal
07 Unbroken Light
08 Kiss For Kiss

Marc Gillen - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Piano, Melodica,
Drum Machine and Field Recordings.
Catherine Reding - Vocals, Violin, Bass and Keyboards.
Alastair Popple - Mixing and Additional Production.

All songs written by Marc Gillen.

Mixed and mastered at The Kitchen Sync by Alastair Popple.

Recorded at home May 2021 to April 2022.

Artwork by Stephen Benson, back cover photograph by Marc Gillen.

Extremely limited CD and free download available from Bandcamp.

Thursday, 28 April 2022

Slowdive - Hide Yer Eyes


Bootleg 1992

01  Summer Day
02  Bleed
03  Sleep
04  Silver Screen
05  Dagger
06  Joy
07  Hide Yer Eyes
08  Ending
09  Richard
10  I Saw The Sun

Quite a famous bootleg here from one of the U.K.'s greatest bands. These recordings are from the beginnings of the sessions that would lead to 1993's 'Souvlaki'. It is this material that Creation head Alan McGee heard when he remarked "they're all shit" and told the band to try again. 

McGee was wrong.