Sunday, 30 May 2021

The Byrds - Byrds '69


Alternate album 1969

01 This Wheel's On Fire
02 Child of the Universe
03 Candy
04 Bad Night at the Whiskey
05 King Apathy III
06 Your Gentle Way of Loving Me
07 Old Blue
08 Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man
09 Lay Lady Lay
10 Stanley's Song
11 Nashville West

Another Byrds album and period re-imagined. This time it's 1969's 'Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde'. 

Opinions are split over this album and it was also one of the worst selling. Bob Johnson's poor production didn't help, but the 90's Columbia re-issues cleaned it up a bit.

I thought the main problem was the flow; on this alternate version I've placed all the psychedelic and fuzz toned songs on side 1 and the country material on side 2 (beginning with 'Your Gentle Way of Loving Me').

In addition to this I removed the medley of 'My Back Pages/B.J. Blues/Baby What You Want Me to Do' and included an alternate version of the non album single 'Lay Lady Lay' and the album outtake 'Stanley's Song'.

Other alternate Byrds albums:

Wilco - 21st Century


Bootleg 2001

Disc 1:

01 I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
02 Ashes of American Flags
03 I'm the Man Who Loves You
04 Magazine Called Sunset
05 Reservations
06 Kamera
07 Not for the Season
08 Alone
09 Nothing Up My Sleeve
10 Venus Stop the Train
11 Cars Can't Escape
12 Poor Places
13 Won't Let You Down
14 Heavy Metal Drummer
15 Let Me Come Home
16 Woodgrain
17 The Good Part
18 Bob Dylan's 49th Beard
20 More Like the Moon

Disc 2:

01 I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
02 Ashes of American Flags
03 I'm the Man Who Loves You
04 Magazine Called Sunset
05 Reservations
06 Camera
07 Not for the Season
08 Alone
09 War on War
10 Pot Kettle Black
11 Rhythm
12 Poor Places
13 The Good Part
14 Heavy Metal Drummer
15 Handshake Drugs
16 Let Me Come Home [Instrumental]
17 Alone
18 Courduroy Cutoff  Girl [Instrumental]
19 Jesus, Etc. [Live]
20 I'm the Man Who Loves You [Live]

Wilco are not an obvious choice for this blog, but twenty years ago they released their most experimental album 'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot'. Along with it came two bootlegs, 'Engineer Demos' and 'YHF Demos' containing several alternate versions and enough unused original songs for at least another album.

I combined these along with the contemporary 'More Like The Moon' E.P. and a couple of b-sides.

From my own stash of 2000's CDr's.

Various Artists - Spring 2021


01 James Harphem - The Witches and the Grinnygog (Intro)
02 Gabor Szabo - Galatea's Guitar
03 Shelley - The War
04 The House In The Woods - Walk Four - Homeward Bound
05 The Neighb'rhood Childr'n - Long Years In Space
06 Christian Scott a Tunde Adjuah - X. Adjuah (I Own the Night)
07 Bing & Ruth - Police Police Police Police Police
08 James Harphem - The Witches and the Grinnygog (Distorted broadcast)
09 Didier's Sound Spectrum - Spectrum
10 Unknown - Perverse Isabelle - Elle est Prête (Edit)
11 Sunforest - Magician in the Mountain
12 Jesse Sparhawk - Light Cycle/Tetrahedra
13 James Harphem - The Witches and the Grinnygog (Outro)
14 Haruomi Hosono - Original BGM

Throughout the first lockdown of 2021, I watched 'The Witches and the Grinnygog'; a BBC children's television program from 1983. I included the main themes and a piece of the broadcast that had distorted sound.

 'Galatea's Guitar' by Gabor Szabo is some Hungarian jazz folk from 1968. From the album 'In Dreams'.

'The War' by Shelley was the b-side of their only single, 'Please Please Please', from 1966.

The House In The Woods is a pseudonym of Pye Corner Audio. Released on Bandcamp 2020.

The Neighb'rhood Childr'n were San Francisco contemporaries of Jefferson Airplane in 1966/67.

Jazz pal Vincent recommended the Christian Scott a Tunde Adjuah track from 2020.

'Police Police Police Police Police' is New York ambient minimalism from the 2014 album 'Tomorrow Was The Golden Age'.

'Didier's Sound Spectrum' is 2002 Swedish funk.

'Perverse Isabelle' was a 1975 sexploitation film by Jose Benazeraf. The soundtrack composer is unknown. Thanks Escapists Advisor.

Sunforest I've included on many a mix. 1970 hippie psych.

The Jesse Sparhawk track was taken from the 2006 Various Artists album 'Imaginational Anthem - Volume Two'. Released on the Tompkins Square label.

Haruomi Hosono 'Original BGM' was taken from 'BGM 1980-2000'.

Sunday, 4 April 2021

Pauline Oliveros - Accordion & Voice


Lovely Music, Ltd. 1982

01 Horse Sings From Cloud
02 Rattlesnake Mountain

Wonderful first full album recording by experimental composer Pauline Oliveros. Warm drones.

Later released on Important Records.

Spacemen 3 - Vol 1.2 - Northampton Demos & Rehearsals 1986


Self made compilation 2021.

01 2.35 (Version 1)
02 Mary Anne [1986 Northampton Demo]
03 The Sound Of Confusion [1986 Northampton Demo]
04 Losing Touch With My Mind [1986 Northampton Demo]
05 Amen [1986 Northampton Demo]
06 That's Just Fine (Vocal Version) [1986 Northampton Demo]
07 Come Down Easy [1986 Northampton Demo]
08 2.35 (Feedback Version) [1986 Northampton Demo]
09 Hey Man [Alternate take from 'Sound Of Confusion']
10 Little Doll [1986 rehearsal version]
11 Mary-Anne (Tremelo Version) [1986 rehearsal version]
12 Rollercoaster [1986 rehearsal version]
13 Ode To Street Hassle [1986 rehearsal version]
14 Things'll Never Be The Same [Live at The Mean Fiddler, August 1986]
15 Spacemen Jam [1986 rehearsal]

Throughout the second half of 2020, I was compiling information on Spacemen 3 records and releases via a request on an S3 fan group / forum. Their discography is such a nightmare and the list was exhausting to make. Now it's done, it has informed a set of compilations; essentially, tracks that do not appear on the original four albums or the original run of singles and E.P.'s, assembled chronologically.

This includes all tracks that appeared on miscellaneous releases and various artist compilations during their lifetime, as well as tracks that have appeared on the many posthumous albums.

I'll be posting these volume compilations as I complete them.

Tracks 1-8 recorded at Studio Morocco, January 1986. Released on 'Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To' (Father Yod 1990).

Track 9 recorded at Bob Lamb's studio, Rugby, Spring 1986. Released on 'Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To' (Bomp Records 1994).

Tracks 10-13 released on 'How The Blues Should've Turned Out' (Sonic Boom self released 2005).

Track 14 recorded live at The Mean Fiddler, August 1986. Released on 'How The Blues Should've Turned Out' (Sonic Boom self released 2005).

Track 15 rehearsal recording, 1986. Released on 'Dreamweapon' (Sympathy for the Record Industry 1995).

Vol 1.1 - 1984-1985
Vol 1.2 - Northampton Demos & Rehearsals 1986
Vol 1.3 - Sound Of Confusion

The Velvet Underground - The Verve/MGM Tapes


Self made compilation 2020.

A1 I Can't Stand It
A2 Hey Mr. Rain (Version I)
A3 Foggy Notion
A4 Lisa Says
A5 Andy's Chest

B1 Stephanie Says
B2 Ocean
B3 She's My Best Friend
B4 I'm Gonna Move Right In
B5 Coney Island Steeplechase

C1 Hey Mr. Rain (Version II)
C2 Guess I'm Falling in Love
C3 Countess from Hong Kong
C4 One of these Days
C5 We're Gonna Have a Real Good Together

D1 Temptation Inside Your Heart
D2 Ride into the Sun
D3 Rock and Roll
D4 Ferryboat Bill
D5 I'm Sticking With You

After the official compilation of unreleased material by The Velvet Underground (itself after the 1980's 'V.U', 'Another View' and countless bootlegs), I thought I'd present my own effort.

For those who don't know, The Velvet Underground recorded a lot of material throughout 1969, inbetween constant touring.

A new label boss of MGM/Verve decided to cancel the contracts of several bands; particularly those with drug connections. They also retained any tapes; all the 1969 material, plus some leftover tracks from years previous with John Cale.

Here's my version of that material. 

Monday, 8 March 2021

Various Artists - Lammas Night Laments (Remastered)


01. Paul Giovanni & Magnet - The Wicker Man (Main Theme)
02. Anne Briggs - Standing On Your Shore
03. C.O.B. - Spirit Of Love
04. Water Into Wine Band - Waiting For Another Day
05. Forest - Bluebell Dance
06. Dulcimer - Caravan
07. The Trees - Garden Of Jane Delawney
08. Tir Na Nog - Time Is Like a Promise
09. Dr Strangely Strange - Frosty Morning
10. Midwinter - Waters Of Sweet Sorrow
11. Stone Angel - The Bells Of Dunwich
12. Third Ear Band - Fleance
13. Vashti Bunyan - Rainbow River
14. Tea And Symphony - Winter
15. The Sun Also Rises - Tales Of Jasmine & Suicide
16. Mark Fry - The Witch
17. Pearls Before Swine - Images Of April

In the last few years of doing this blog, I receive more messages about the Lammas Night Laments series than anything else. Specifically, can I provide a higher quality version than the one I originally posted.

It seems all online versions are the same low quality. So, around a year ago, I decided to try and recreate the original volume with better quality versions. Since the release of the original, a lot of the artists included have had their back catalogue re-issued and remastered. I've included these versions (where possible) for this new volume.

From my original post: "This is the first in a series of CDR albums compiled by Mark Coyle through the now defunct website The Unbroken Circle. Something of an underground cult, finding information on these compilations (including original release dates) is difficult. They pop up on blogs from time to time but they found their original audience through collecting and trading."

Along with this 'remastered' version of the album comes new, original artwork courtesy of Cumbrian illustrator Emily Ford.

You can find more examples of her work here.