Sunday, 22 January 2023

Ed Askew - Ask The Unicorn


ESP Disk 1968

01 Fancy That
02 Peter and David
03 Marigolds
04 Mr. Dream
05 Red Woman - Letter to England
06 The Garden
07 May Blossoms Be Praised
08 9-Song
09 Love is Everyone
10 Ask the Unicorn

Ed Askew was an art teacher in Connecticut when he started performing live in 1966. Outsider folk music played with a Martin Tiple and Ed's unique voice.

He's seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, releasing new music in the last decade.

The title and cover art are taken from a re-press on ESP Disk in the 90's.

Egisto Macchi - Bioritmi


Gemelli 1971

01  Batteri
02  Iperitmia
03  Microscopia
04  Automaticita
05  Valvole Cardiache
06  Laboratori
07  Peristalsi

Break in the new year with some avant-garde Italian library music.

One of the earliest and rarest Macchi albums; only re-issued once in 2015 in Australia on noisy vinyl.

David & The Dorks - The Matrix San Francisco 1970


Bootleg 1970

01 Bertha
02 Deep Elem Blues
03 Drop Down Mama
04 Cowboy Movie
05 Triad
06 The Wall Song
07 Motherless Children

Very sad to hear about the passing of David Crosby this week. He had a very full life and lived longer than everyone expected.

This blog already has some Byrds and some unreleased recordings from Cros that can be found here.

This live boot from 1970 finds Crosby and The Grateful Dead together on stage. The Dorks were a short lived band, playing only two or three concerts (no one can remember). Recorded around the time of the sessions for 'If I Could Only Remember My Name...'.

Thanks for all the music, Cros.

Saturday, 31 December 2022

Slowdive - Souvlaki Demos & Outtakes


01 I Thought I Saw
02 Hide Your Eyes
03 Sleep
04 Instrumental Take One
05 Joy
06 Silver Screen
07 AB (with Brian Eno)
08 Stars
09 Bleed
10 I Saw the Sun
11 Summer's Day
12 It's Not for You
13 Song Number One
14 Let' Go Away
15 One Hundred Times
16 40 Days (Demo)
17 Sing (Demo)
18 When the Sun Hits (Demo)
19 Melon Yellow (Alternative)
20 Dagger (Electric)
21 Joy (Drum Machine Demo)
22 Shine (Splendour Remix)
23 Silver Screen (Version 2)
24 Hide Your Eyes (Alternative)
25 Joy (Studio Demo)
26 Beach Song
27 Take Me Down

Bootleg jackpot for Slowdive fans. A VERY long compilation of outtakes, alternate versions and demos from the 'Souvlaki' recording sessions.

Thanks to Music for Nobody and Space Station Sound.

Spacemen 3 - Live at Reading Festival 1989


01 Rollercoaster
02 Transparent Radiation
03 Things'll Never Be the Same
04 Take Me to the Other Side
05 Mary-Anne
06 Starship
07 Revolution

Another S3 boot, this time, it's the final gig from the 1989 Reading Festival.

Thanks to stef.j.c. for the original cassette.

Various Artists - Mixtape 2022


01 Carl Davis - New Fashion, Old Religion (Intro)
02 Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra - Promises
03 Salem's Pot - Creep Purple
04 Butter Glory - The Skills of the Star Pilot
05 4hero - Conceptions
06 Laddio Bolocko - The Man Who Never Was
07 Elephant9 - Arrival Of The New Elders
08 Horsegirl - Billy
09 Kettenkarussell - Haller
10 Ishmael Ensemble - Wax Werk
11 Nils Frahm - More
12 Duster - Feel No Joy
13 Sarah Davachi - Magdalena
14 Carl Davis - New Fashion, Old Religion (Outro)

Managed to fit in a new mixtape before year end.

Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Goatherder - The Hayton Tapes 2


Treehouse Orchestra Recordings TOR090.

01 Is there No One in Your World but You I
02 Is there No One in Your World but You II

Recorded, constructed and produced by Stephen Benson.

Live improvisations performed by Stephen Benson, Felicity Cromack,
Emily Ford, Stephanie Gardner, Camille Matton, Asha Nicholson,
Samantha Staniforth, Nick Taylor, Amy Tweddle and Stevie Westgarth.

Recorded at Hayton Castle, November 14th, 2021.

Collage mixed and assembled, Summer - Autumn 2022.

Mastered by Jonathan Sharp.

Artwork by Emily Ford.

Another one of my own releases now; live improvised jams recorded late night in a castle, then chopped up for a collage. These  recordings weave around a version of Charles Manson's 'Is there No One in Your World but You?', also recorded that evening.

Limited edition cassette and free download and streaming from our Bandcamp.