Thursday 14 December 2017


01 Thorsten Schmidt - Hereford Wakes Main Title
02 Filthy Huns - Fake Ass Muthas
03 The Free Spirits - Sunday Telephone
04 Professor & Roots Radics - Combination
05 Phoenician Drive - Fat Bill
06 Egisto Macchi - Un Cadavere Sotto La Neve
07 Gene Clark - Back Street Mirror
08 The Mamas & The Papas - Somebody Groovy
09 The Heartwood Institute - Witchdrone
10 Broadcast - Valerie
11 Aphex Twin - Xtal
12 Sibylle Baier - Driving
13 Daphne Oram - Four Aspects

Winter comp. Hope you can keep warm and enjoy.


Don't Trust The Ruin 2010

01 Oh My Child
02 Creepin' Crazy Time
03 Ringers In The Fold
04 She-Wander(er)
05 Reverse Hymnal
06 This Is Record, OK?
07 Airaid Air Raid
08 ... Is All We Have
09 Waiting Is ...
10 Song For RO-HE-GE
11 Coming Home Pt. III
12 Moo-Hoo

Big Blood are a "Phantom four piece of Asian Mae, Caleb Mulkerin, Rose Philistine and Colleen Kinsella perform only as a duo."

They make wonderful homespun psych folk with some noise and plenty of experimentation. It's been a favourite for some time and is a good winter listen.

It's also available from the Free Music Archive, you can download here.


CBS 1972

01 Paternoster
02 Realization
03 Stop These Lines
04 Blind Children
05 Old Danube
06 The Pope Is Wrong
07 Mammoth Opus O

Paternoster were an Austrian band around between 1970 to 1972. They had a krautrock/prog sound and only recorded this one album, with very few copies being released.

The music is what you would expect of a guitar led band with that genre description to sound like, but the atmosphere of this record is wonderful. It's a real oppressive downer vibe and another nice winter listen.

Originally released on CBS, recent years have seen several re-issues on Now-Again Records and Ohrwaschl Records.

Monday 6 November 2017


Ayna 1974 / Cinedelic Records 2015

01. Perquisizione
02. Un Cadavere Sotto La Neve
03. Inseguimento
04. Nucleo Mobile
05. Prime Luci
06. Complici
07. Entr'acte
08. Cani Poliziotti
09. Sommozzatori
10. Interrogatorio
11. Azione Notturna
12. Motovedette

Haven't posted any Egisto Macchi in some time, so here's a recently acquired soundtrack to a 70's Italian cop show.

More cohesive and less avant garde than some of the self produced library records, this is still way more left of field than say Lalo Schifrin (whose movie scores I love).

There is even a touch of what Mica Levi would explore in the excellent 'Under the Skin' soundtrack.


Crash Landing 1987

01. Coming Home
02. Solar Wind
03. Wayfaring Stranger
04. Grasshopper Pie
05. Cascade
06. Nature's Way
07. Wild Mountain River
08. Amazing Grace
09. Sliding
10. I'll Get it All Together if I Try

I got this cassette a while ago and I've been meaning to post for some time.

Don Reeve's 'Nature's Way' is an hour long guitar soli album with two tracks of flute. It's more new age than most of the solo guitar records I post here, but the reverb and vibe (combined with the tape damage) give it a strange, ethereal air.

This would really benefit from a remaster and re-issue!


Edition Hundertmark 1986

01. You are My Everlovin'
02. Celestial Power

Time for some cognitive nihilism; two cassette sides of modern classical, avant garde drone.

Henry Flynt reaches far out and beyond on the A Side; 'You are My Everlovin' is a transcendental violin and loops composition. Absolutely Stunning.

'Celestial Power' on the other side is a more punishing affair. Imagine if Les Rallizes Dénudés made drone records and you're about there.

Tuesday 10 October 2017


01. Weyes Blood and The Dark Juices - Storms That Breed
02. Jelly Bean Bandits - Generation
03. Paper Dollhouse - Did You Wake
04. The Peanut Butter Conspiracy - Too Many Do
05. Pye Corner Audio - We Have Visitors
06. Grouper - Hollow Press
07. Vandiver & Fahey - Take This Hammer
08. Group 1850 - Steel Sings
09. Moon Phantoms - Dance of the Moon Phantoms
10. Turid - Bilder
11. T. Swift & The Electric Bag - Expo In Sound
12. Sunflower - All In Good Time

This 2012 offering is like a rainy day lost to heavy weed. Dark psych with ominous downer but comfortable settings.


01. The Iditarod - The Roots Of The Butterfly Bush
02. Pete Fine - Revelations-Prelude-For Sam
03. These Trails - Our House In Hanalei
04. Toncho Pilatos - Blind Man (Hombre Chiego)
05. Bobby Beausoleil - Movement The Second
06. David Stoughton - Saving For a Rainy Day
07. Chrysalis - April Grove
08. The Wizards From Kansas - Flyaway Days
09. Magic Lantern - Vampires In Heat
10. Pauline Oliveros - Watertank Software
11. Paul Giovanni & Magnet - Willow's Song
12. Perry Leopold - Experiment In Metaphysics
13. Ed Askew - Mr. Dream
14. Holderlin - Waren Wir
15. Okkulte Stimmen - Jack Sutton In Trance

To round off this month, two seasonal releases of yore. The first from 2010; loosely Halloween themed, Autumnal feel, heavy on the dark psych.


Dedicated 1993

01. Smiles (Live)
02. 100 Bars (Acapella)

Transparent 7" flexi disc. Available only fan club members.

That brings our post Spacemen 3 exploration to an end. Hope you enjoyed.


Silvertone Records

01. Indian Summer
02. Baby Don't You Worry (California Lullaby)
03. It's Alright
04. True Love Will Find You in the End

The only U.K. Spectrum release in 1993 was this E.P. of covers.


Dedicated 1992

01. Medication
02. Feel So Sad
03. Angel Sigh

The first post 'Lazer Guided Melodies' release was this 8+ minute drug ode. Wonderful. The B-Sides were Peel Sessions featuring the then touring line up and these versions are stellar.

This E.P. also happens to be one of my favourite records of all time.


Dedicated 1992

01. I Want You
02. You Know it's True (Instrumental)
03. 100 Bars (Flashback)

This limited 7" was a mail order only item. Rare!

Saturday 9 September 2017


 Norvenich Records 2006

01. Father Cannot Yell
02. Pnoom(h) 1
03. Little Star of Bethlehem
04. Melting Away
05. (My) Connection
06. She Brings the Rain
07. Outside My Door
08. Pnoom(h) 2
09. Greyhounds Greyhound

To round off a trio of Can posts, here's a boot from 2006. These are 1968 demos.

These posts were prepared before the death of Holger Czukay. They now serve as a tribute.


Metronome 1969

01. Kamasutra
02. I'm Hiding My Nightingale

After 1968's 'Agilok & Blubbo', the following year saw Irmin Schmidt soundtrack 'Kamasutra'.

This single (the title melody) was released that year, but the full soundtrack wasn't pressed until 2009 and can be found here.

All members of Can feature on this record.


Vogue Schallplatten 1968

01. Agilok & Blubbo
02. Kamera Song

For those of you enjoying the excellent compilation 'The Singles' by Can, here's a couple of nearly Can singles.

Released in July 1968, this single is credited to The Inner Space. Michael Karoli has yet to arrive but Holger Czukay, Irmin Schmidt and Jaki Liebezeit provide the soundtrack to the 1968 German movie of the same name.

The full soundtrack wasn't released until 2009 and can be found here.


Silvertone Records 1992

01. How You Satisfy Me
02. Don't Go (Instrumental 1)
03. My Life Spins Around Your Every Smile
04. Don't Go (Instrumental 2)

The second single to be taken from the soon to be released album 'Soul Kiss (Glide Divine)'.

All formats came in a transparent sleeve with the 7" and 12" discs also being transparent.


Dedicated 1991

01. Why Don't You Smile Now
02. Sway

This single saw Spiritualized momentarily classed as shoegaze.

Another pre-'Lazer Guided Melodies' single that wouldn't appear on that album.


Silvertone Records 1992.

01. True Love Will Find You in the End (Radio Mix)
02. To the Moon and Back (Remix)
03. Waves Wash Over Me (Remix)
04. My Life Spins Round Your Every Smile (Remix)

A nice, droning remix E.P. It came in a wonderfully trippy coloured transparent sleeve with transparent yellow vinyl.

Monday 14 August 2017


Fierce Recordings 1991

01. Feel So Sad
02. I Want You

Now, onto our exploration of releases by the founding members of Spacemen 3 and three singles by Spiritualized that make up an album length suite of their own.

What really interested me about early Spiritualized releases was the different versions of songs across different formats. The themes and melodies of a single song would be explored in different ways, check out the versions of 'Feel So Sad' on these posts as a good example.

This 7" was sold and sometimes given away at gigs.


Dedicated 1991

01. Feel So Sad (Rhapsodies)
02. Feel So Sad (Glides & Chimes)

Here's the 12" version of 'Feel So Sad'. Extended and strung out.


Dedicated 1991

01. Run
02. Luminescence (Stay With Me)
03. I Want You
04. Effervescent (Chimes)

Both 'Run' and 'I Want You' differ from their 7" and 'Lazer Guided Melodies' versions.

The 12" spookily glowed in the dark.


Treehouse Orchestra Recordings. 2017.

01. Nightwalking
02. Can't Put This Fire Out
03. Angel Face You Will Drive Us All To Hell
04. Saint Mary Kills Me
05. Split the Blues
06. What to Do Today
07. Open Water
08. Stone Pickers
09. Slow Moving Cartwheels
10. Last Rites, Maybe

Another release now from the label of me and my friends; Treehouse Orchestra Recordings.

I worked on the artwork for this one.

Here's the notes from the label blog, written by Catherine Reding:

"Me and my dog, Billy (that's him on the CD artwork) looked forward to Fridays last winter. We would go round to Marc's and drink tea, eat biscuits and play music together. What started out as a bit of a jam has turned into this album.

We had a great time making it - despite occasional dog noises and technical problems with Marc's recording kit.

It was quite a spontaneous process and although the album took a few months, most of the recording happened quite quickly.

A highlight for me was playing Marc's Ultranova keyboard on 'Nightwalking' - there was a childlike joy in twiddling the knobs and feeling like you are playing the BBC Radiophonic workshop.

This is our first Mystery Spring album, but we hope there will be more."

After the experimental folk alt. pop first tracks, the album settles into a mellow and dark pastoral vibe. Nice and half remembered woodsy feel.

Limited edition compact disc and free download at Bandcamp.


Antar Records 2014 (Recorded 1969)

01. Time Of No Reply
02. River Man
03. Three Hours
04. Bryter Layter
05. Cello Song

Once thought lost, the legendary Nick Drake Peel session mysteriously turns up.

It finally saw a release as a bonus 10" record with the signature boxed edition 'Remembered For A While' book.


Unreleased single 1967.

01. Back Street Mirror
02. Don't Let it Fall Through

There has been a lot of unheard Gene Clark material coming through in the last couple of years. It doesn't get much better than this unreleased single.

After the commercial failure of Gene's first album, he quickly recorded a follow up single; 'The French Girl' b/w 'Only Colombe'. Columbia decided this would also fail and cancelled it.

At a later recording session, Gene recorded an albums worth of material and these two tracks were put aside as his new single.

Astoundingly, the label decided that this wasn't really worth it either.

Cloth ears man, this baroque and mariachi masterpiece is wonderful. Both sides were recorded with Hugh Maskela, who had played trumpet on the Byrds 'So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star?' the previous year.

In terms of recorded output, Gene Clark has one of the messiest and puzzling of careers. Hearing missing albums and singles like this provide a clearer picture.

P.S. There was never a sleeve printed, so I made this.

Monday 24 July 2017


Silvertone Records 1991.

01. (I Love You) to the Moon & Back
02. Capo Waltz (Live)

Sonic Boom formed a new band in 1991. Spectrum was put together with Richard Formby, Mike Stout and Geoff Deakin. They would continue to be his main musical outlet for the remainder of the nineties.


Dedicated 1990.

01. Anyway that You Want Me
02. Step into the Breeze, Pt. 1
03. Step into the Breeze, Pt. 2

The first record from Jason Pierce using the name Spiritualized was a cover of The Troggs 'Anyway that You Want Me'. The A-Side was actually recorded during the sessions for 'Recurring'.


Silvertone Records 1989

01. Angel
02. Angel (Extended Mix)
03. Help Me Please (Drum Mix)

The first solo release by a member of Spacemen 3 was Sonic's 'Angel'. Recorded at the same sessions for his debut album 'Spectrum'.


Fan made compilation. 2017.

01. Big City (Remix)
02. Why Couldn't I See?
03. Just to See You Smile (Instrumental)
04. The World is Dying
05. I Love You (Remix)
06. Just to See You Smile (Honey, Pt. 2)
07. Big City (Waves of Joy)
08. When Tomorrow Hits
09. Drive
10. Feelin' Just Fine (Alternate Mix)
11. Drive (Demo)
12. Drive (Remix)
13. Drive/Feel So Sad

If you haven't had quite enough Spacemen 3, here's my own round up of b-sides and rarities from the 'Recurring' era.

'Just to See You Smile (Honey, Pt. 2)' and 'The World is Dying' are from the 'Hypnotized' single.

'Drive', 'Big City (Waves of Joy)' and 'Drive (Demo)' from the 'Big City/Drive' single.

'Big City (Remix)' and Drive '(Remix)' are from a limited remix 12".

'I Love You (Remix)' is from a mis-press of that release.

'When Tomorrow Hits' was an unreleased Mudhoney cover, intended for a split 7". On the other side, Mudhoney were to cover 'Revolution'.

'Why Couldn't I See?', 'Just to See You Smile (Instrumental)', 'Feelin' Just Fine (Alternate Mix)' and 'Drive/Feel So Sad' are from the European compact disc version of 'Recurring'.

Spacemen 3 fans need not despair; from this month I will be posting the first single and E.P. releases from Sonic Boom/Spectrum and Spiritualized.


01. Kate Tempest - Picture a Vacuum
02. Tristram Cary - Divertimento (Start)
03. The Beta Band - Dogs Got a Bone
04. Fovea Hex - The Golden Sun Rises Upon the World Again
05. The Advisory Circle - We Cleanse this Space
06. Cate Le Bon - Wonderful
07. David Bowie - Come and Buy My Toys
08. Delia Derbyshire - Blue Veils and Golden Sands
09. Julian Cope - Sunshine Playroom
10. Goldfrapp - Utopia (Genetically Enriched)
11. Basil Kirchin - The Freelance (Abstract Jazz 1)
12. Robyn Hitchcock - I Often Dream of Trains
13. Joachim Ngol et Les Troubadors De Roi Baudouin - Missa Luba-Sanctus
14. Belbury Poly - My Hands
15. Virgina Astley - Love's a Lonely Place to Be
16. Tristram Cary - Divertimento (Performance Tape Section 2)
17. Television Personalities - Diary of a Young Man
18. Micachu and The Shapes - Calculator
19. The Focus Group - Danse & Atoms
20. Young Marble Giants - Cakewalking
21. The Beatles - Revolution 9 (Mono Version)

Another volume of the Esoterica Britannica has arrived.

Courtesy of original curator, David Thompson.


ABC Records 1967/Sunbeam Records 2006

01. Don't Look Now
02. I'm Gonna Be Free
03. LBOD
04. Sunday Telephone
05. Blue Water Mother
06. Girl of the Mountain
07. Cosmic Daddy Dancer
08. Bad News Cat
09. Storm
10. Early Morning Fear
11. Angels Can't be True
12. Tattoo Man

bonus track

13. I Feel a Song (B-Side of 'Tattoo Man')

This album is a lost jazz psych great. The Free Spirits are from New York and they mixed psychedelia, jazz and freak out. They supported the likes of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Doors and The Velvet Underground.

Apparently lumped with a jazz producer that disliked rock music, the songs here are not the double figures freak outs they became known for. The compositions are tight and most are a mix of free jazz and psych.

Sometimes sounds like two records playing at once, I love it.

Sunday 25 June 2017


TOR55. 2017

01. Soother of Grief I
02. Short Term Memory Loss Replaced by Nostalgia that Never Existed
03. Soother of Grief II

Between late 2014 and early 2017, I archived any recordings I made; field recordings, demos,
experiments and so on. I put them to one side, unsure of what to do with them.

Occasionally I would review an experiment or refer to a demo. It occurred to me that most of these
recordings would go nowhere, so I decided to give them a home.

In February and March of this year I 'performed' collages of these tracks, the live mix being the

The end result is like an aural mind diary; ideas and sounds all together. It makes some kind of
sense to me.

As always, there is a free download over at Bandcamp.


01. Cul de Sac - I Remember Nothing More
02. Vincent Gallo - Honey Bunny (Mono Version)
03. Plaid - Rakimou
04. John Callaghan - You've Got Your Memories, I've Got My Dreams
05. Savath & Savalas - Um Girassol da Cor de Seu Cabelo (A Sunflower the Colour of Your Hair)
06. Tim Exile - A Little Bit More
07. Prefuse 73 - Perverted Undertone
08. DM & Jemini - The Only One
09. Nightmares On Wax - Know My Name
10. Red Snapper - One Legged Low Frequency Guy
11. Slum - Twilight Mushrooms
12. Broadcast - Message from Home
13. Jimi Tenor - Sugardaddy (Radio Edit)
14. John Callaghan - Give Me Some Air
15. Stereolab - The Brush Descends the Length
16. Vincent Gallo - So Sad
17. Gravenhurst - Cities Beneath the Sea

'I Remember Nothing More' taken from the 2004 soundtrack Dead Man's Shoes, WARPCD126.

'Honey Bunny (Mono Version)' taken from the 2001 promo-only 7" Honey Bunny, 7261-WARP01-7.

'Rakimou' taken from the 1997 album Not For Threes, WARPCD54.

'You've Got Your Memories, I've Got My Dreams' taken from the 2000 10" You've Got Your Memories, I've Got My Dreams, 10WAP137.

'Um Girassol da Cor de Seu Cabelo (A Sunflower the Colour of Your Hair)' taken from the 2004 album Apropa't, WARPCD115.

'A Little Bit More' taken from the Recreated volume of the 2009 compilation box set Warp20, WARP20°.

'Perverted Undertone' taken from the 2003 album One Word Extinguisher, WARPCD105.

'The Only One' taken from the 2004 soundtrack Dead Man's Shoes, WARPCD126.

'Know My Name' taken from the 2002 single Know My Name, WAP159CD.

'One Legged Low Frequency Guy' taken from the 1995 album Reeled and Skinned, WARPCD33.

'Twilight Mushrooms' taken from the 1999 7" Twilight Mushrooms, 7WAP117.

'Message from Home' taken from the 1997 album Work and Non Work, WARPCD52.

'Sugardaddy (Radio Edit)' taken from the 1997 single Sugardaddy / Take Me Baby (and modified slightly), WAP93CD.

'Give Me Some Air' taken from the 1998 7" I'm Not Comfortable Inside My Mind, 7WAP110.

'The Brush Descends the Length' taken from the 1998 compilation Aluminium Tunes, WARPCD59.

'So Sad' taken from the 2001 single So Sad, WAP149CD.

'Cities Beneath the Sea' taken from the 2005 album Fires In Distant Buildings, WARPCD132.


Fire Records 1990

1. Big City (Remix)
2. Drive (Remix)

Released shortly after the original 'Big City/Drive' single, this was the last Spacemen 3 release during their lifetime.

Monday 22 May 2017


01. Sonic Boom & Delia Derbyshire - Synchrondipity Machine
02. Sun Ra - Halloween in Harlem
03. Vince Taylor - My Baby Left Me
04. Robert Hermel - Apesanteur
05. The Advisory Circle with Hong Kong In the 60s - Seasons Change
06. The Gosdin Brothers - Tell Me
07. Cybe - Painting No. 8
08. The Feed-Back - The Fed-Back
09. Jean-Claude Vannier - Le Roi des Mouches et la Confi
10. Damon Lane - I Wonder Why
11. Jacques Lasry - Maneche (Picture Box Theme)
12. Children of the Mushroom - August Mademoiselle
13. The Strawberry Alarm Clock - Pass Time with the Sac
14. The Ambrosia Singers - Children of the Stones Theme
15. Rusalnaia - The Sailor and The Siren
16. Brown, Gabo & Orchestre Poly-Rythmo - It's a Vanity
17. The Beatles - Sour Milk Sea
18. Ash Ra Tempel - Le Songe d'Or
19. Pye Corner Audio - Toward Light

New comp. Proud of the flow on this one.


Fire Records 1991.

01. Big City (Everybody I Know Can Be Found Here)
02. Drive
03. Big City (Waves of Joy Demo)
04. Drive (Demo)

'Big City'/'Drive' was released ahead of the final Spacemen 3 album 'Recurring'. Sporadically recorded and mixed throughout 1990, relations between Kember and Pierce had completely broken down during the sessions. The result was that each composer had a side of the record each for their own compositions.

The music didn't suffer however; 'Big City' was a ten minute acid house pulse and 'Drive' was acid bluesy and hymnal, pointing toward each artists future solo career.


01. FUSE - Train-Trac.1
02. Autechre - Teartear
03. Prefuse 73 - Choking You
04. Harmonic 313 - Problem 2 - Neon
05. VLAD - Big City Ruins
06. Squarepusher - Do You Know Squarepusher
07. Jake Slazenger - Hot Fumes
08. Jimmy Edgar - Personal Information
09. Woodenspoon - Souff Souff
10. AFX - Every Day
11. Disjecta - Kracht
12. Autechre - Leterel
13. Mira Calix - Humba
14. Seefeel - Fracture
15. LFO - Tied Up

'Train-Trac.1' taken from the 1993 single Train-Tracs, WAP38CD.

'Teartear' taken from the 1994 album Amber, WARPCD25.

'Choking You' taken from the 2003 album One Word Extinguisher, WARPCD105.

'Problem 2 - Neon' taken from the 2008 EP EP1 (flac download version), WAP231F.

'Big City Ruins' taken from the 2000 single Motion Institute, WAP130CD.

'Do You Know Squarepusher' taken from the 2002 album Do You Know Squarepusher, WARPCD97.

'Hot Fumes' taken from the 1996 album Das Ist Ein Groovybeat, Ja, WARPCD42.

'Personal Information' taken from the 2005 album Color Strip, WARPCD116.

'Souff Souff' taken from the 1996 12" Souff Souff, WAP77.

'Every Day' taken from the 2005 compilation Hangable Auto Bulb (reissued and compiled from 1995), WARPCD138.

'Kracht' taken from the 1996 album Clean Pit and Lid, WARPCD41.

'Leterel' taken from the 1995 album Tri Repetae, WARPCD38.

'Humba' taken from the 1996 10" Ilanga, WAP83.

'Fracture' taken from the 1994 single Fracture / Tied, WAP53CD.

'Tied Up' taken from the 1994 single Tied Up, WAP56CD.

Saturday 22 April 2017


01. Jedi Knights - Pubic Funk (Live)
02. Elecktroids - Stun Gun
03. Forgemasters - Track With No Name
04. Astrobotnia - Everyone
05. Link & E621 - Antacid (Remix by Jedi Knights)
06. Coco Steel and Lovebomb - Express
07. Wildplanet - Electron
08. Kid Unknown - Nightmare (Radio Edit)
09. Rhythm Invention - Chronoclasm
10. DIY (Barney) - Dabud
11. Mike Ink: Paroles
12. Speedy J - De-Orbit
13. Rubber Johnny - DrumRolyPoly
14. Lex Loofah - Ooh La La

'Pubic Funk' [Live] taken from the 1995 compilation The Theory of Evolution, WARPCD29.

'Stun Gun' taken from the 1995 album Elektroworld, WARPCD35.

'Track With No Name' taken from the 1989 12" Track With No Name, WAP1 (This was the first ever Warp release, I could hardly leave it out).

'Everyone' originally untitled track 2 from the 'Astrobotnia II' 12" on Rephlex Records, taken from the 2002 compilation Magic Bus Tracks, WARPCD100.

'Antacid' Jedi Knights remix taken from the 1995 single Antacid, WAP59CD.

'Express' taken from the the 1994 album It!, WARPCD24.

'Electron' taken from the 1993 album Blueprint, WARPCD11.

'Nightmare', Radio Edit, taken from the 1992 single Nightmare, WAP20CD.

'Chronoclasm' taken from the 1993 album Inventures In Wonderland, WARPCD15.

'Dabud' taken from the 1993 album Strictly 4 Groovers, WARPCD18.

'Paroles' original version taken from the 1996 double 12" Paroles and played at the incorrect speed of 33rpm.

'De-Orbit' taken from the 1993 album Ginger, WARPCD14.

'DrumRolyPoly' taken from the 1997 single JamRolyPoly, WAP91CD.

'Ooh La La' taken from the 1994 single Freaky Deaky, WAP41CD.


Fire Records 1989

01. Hypnotized
02. Just To See You Smile (Honey Pt. 2)
03. The World Is Dying

The first single from what was to be the final Spacemen 3 album; "Recurring". Both 'Hypnotized' and 'Just To See You Smile' appear on that album, but as alternate mixes. 'The World Is Dying' is exclusive to this single.


Released April 2017. TOR54.

02. Flux et Reflux (Excerpts from The Flood Tape)

The first release of 2017 is a posthumous one.

Last spring, Brocken Spectre released their only record and split. During the summer months, I went through hours of recordings of rehearsals, demos, jams and so on.

There were two reasons for this; the first was to collect together all the versions of a song called 'TERROR'.

Once we had moved into the space above Warwick Bazaar, we had microphones permanently set up, we could then roughly record all of our activities. 'TERROR' was played every rehearsal, sometimes it was three minutes in length, sometimes thirty. It had a loose arrangement and allowed us to explore what we could do. Recording it as a take alongside the other material never seemed an option; it relied on improvisation and a definitive recorded version didn't seem plausible.

The version on this cassette is compiled from various rehearsal takes, recorded December 2015 to January 2016.

The second reason for this archival release is to highlight an aspect of the band not represented on the self titled mini album.

During it's brief existence, Brocken Spectre played around 25-30 songs. Tracks by The Nightowl Sings, The Dead West, Hills! Werewolves! Run! and We Are the Wooden Houses were all tried out, but ultimately gave way to new band compositions. One song that stayed however was 'Angels of the Rain', from The Nightowl Sings album, "All Hail the Town to Town Troubadour".

We never recorded it as Brocken Spectre, it finished several early versions of our set and was always played as an additional song if we had time. It differed from the NOS version in that it had two moments of improvised noise which I have taken from the rehearsal recordings and added them to various moments of other noise, more improvisation, jams etc.

Running through this second cut up compilation is an extended jam from the legendary 'Flood Tape'.

Together, these two compiled tracks and the self titled debut represent Brocken Spectre. This cassette contains the strange, psychedelic and brutal noise element, played to no one and heard only by the band themselves.

Mixed by Alastair and myself in the Autumn and released a year since the band split.

Thursday 23 March 2017


Fire Records 1988

01. Revolution
02. Che
03. May the Circle be Unbroken

First and only single to be taken from the album "Playing With Fire" and the first release on Fire records.

'Che' is a Suicide cover and 'May the Circle be Unbroken' is traditional, arranged by Pierce and Kember.


01. Mira Calix - Khala
02. Speedy J - Fill 25
03. Gescom - Keynell (Autechre remix #2)
04. LFO - Tied Up (Spiritualized "Electric Mainline" Remix)
05. Nightmares On Wax - Nights Introlude
06. Boards of Canada - Melissa Juice
07. Two Lone Swordsmen - Big Clapper (Remixed by C-Pij)
08. The Horn - Election
09. Clark - Night Knuckles
10. Beaumont Hannant - Utuba
11. Autechre - Foil
12. Boards of Canada - Roygbiv
13. FUSE - Nitedrive
14. Seefeel - Spangle

'Khala' taken from the 1996 10" Ilanga, WAP83.

'Fill 25' taken from the 1995 album G Spot, WARPCD27.

'Keynell' Autechre remix #2, taken from the 1996 12" Keynell, WAP88.

'Tied Up' Spiritualized "Electric Mainline" Remix, taken from the 1994 single Tied Up, WAP56CD.

'Nights Introlude' taken from the 1995 album Smokers Delight, WARPCD36.

'Melissa Juice' taken from the 2002 single Twoism (reissued from 1995), WARPCD70.

'Big Clapper' Remixed by C-Pij, taken from the 1999 12" Receive Tactical Support, WAP127.

'Election' taken from the 1995 compilation The Theory of Evolution, WARPCD29.

'Night Knuckles' taken from the 2006 album Body Riddle, WARPCD149.

'Utuba' taken from the 1994 compilation Artificial Intelligence II, WARPLTDCD23.

'Foil' taken from the 1994 album Amber, WARPCD25.

'Roygbiv' taken from the 1998 promo-only 10" Telephasic Workshop, 10WARPLP55P.

'Nitedrive' taken from the 1993 album Dimension Intrusion, WARPCD12.

'Spangle' taken from the 1994 EP Starethrough, WAP45CD.


Strand 1978

01. Viva
02. White Overalls
03. Rheinita
04. Vögel
05. Geld
06. Cha Cha 2000

Second album from La Düsseldorf, released in 1978.

Monday 27 February 2017


01. Link - Arcadian (Remixed by Global Communication)
02. The Black Dog - Raxmus
03. Aphex Twin - Acrid Avid Jam Shred
04. Red Snapper - Last One (Eaten by DJ Food and Coldcut)
05. Richard H Kirk - Lost Souls On Funk
06. Plaid - Itsu
07. Plone - Top and Low Rent
08. Broadcast - Microtronics 05
09. Mark Franklin - Release To the System (Remixed by Beaumont Hannant)
10. Red Snapper - Digging Doctor What What
11. Brian Eno - Instant Nuclear Family
12. Nav Katze - Change (Aphex Twin Mix #2)
13. Chris Clark - Diesel Raven
14. Plone - Plaything

Warp Records is an English independent record label, founded in Sheffield in 1989. The most influential electronic, ambient and experimental label of all time.

A good friend of mine has the LARGEST collection of Warp Records. Promos, white labels, flexis...some of the rarest stuff I've ever seen!

I requested a compilation. With every release at hand, I knew the resulting set would be exhaustive and of course, excellent.

Five volumes to look forward to over the coming months.

'Arcadian', remixed by Global Communication, taken from the 1994 compilation 'Artificial Intelligence II', WARPLTDCD23.

'Raxmus' taken from the 1994 album 'Spanners', PUPCD1.

'Acrid Avid Jam Shred' taken from the 1995 album '...I Care Because You Do', WARPCD30.

'Last One'. Eaten by DJ Food and Coldcut, taken from the 1996 DJ-only promo 12" 'The Last One', WAP84P.

'Lost Souls On Funk' taken from the 1995 album 'The Number of Magic', WARPCD32.

'Itsu', unreleased, audio taken from 2004 DVD 'WarpVision: The Videos 1989-2004', WARPD122.

'Top and Low Rent' taken from the 1999 album 'For Beginner Piano', WARPCD64.

'Microtronics 05' taken from the 2003 tour-only 3" CD 'Microtronics Volume 01: Stereo Recorded Music for Links and Bridges', WAP169CD.

'Release To the System', remixed by Beaumont Hannant, taken from the 1994 compilation 'Artificial Intelligence II', WARPLTDCD23.

'Digging Doctor What What' taken from the 1996 album Prince Blimey, WARPCD45.

'Instant Nuclear Family', unreleased, taken from the 2010 download-only Seven Sessions video (and remastered) available at the time of the release of 'Small Craft On a Milk Sea'.

'Change' Aphex Twin Mix #2 taken from the 2003 compilation 26 Mixes for Cash, WARPCD102.

'Diesel Raven' taken from the 2001 album 'Clarence Park', WARPCD86.

'Plaything' taken from the 1998 compilation 'We Are Reasonable People', WAP100CD.


Nova 1976

01. Düsseldorf
02. La Düsseldorf
03. Silver Cloud
04. Time

After NEU!, Klaus Dinger assembled a new band to further pursue his vision of kosmiche motorik music.

Released in 1976, the album features Dinger, Nikolaus van Rhein, Hans Lampe and Thomas Dinger at Conny's studio in late 1975.


Glass Records 1988

01. Take Me to the Other Side
02. Soul 1
03. That's Just Fine

The third single release from and Spacemen 3 and the final single release for Glass Records.

Both b-sides are from 'The Perfect Prescription' sessions.