Wednesday 23 March 2022

Nico - I'm Not Sayin' / The Last Mile


Immediate Records 1965

01 I'm Not Sayin'
02 The Last Mile

Before Velvet Underground, Nico had a go at pop with this one off single from 1965. The doom is already there in her voice, but this is comparatively radio friendly.

'I'm Not Sayin' is an Andrew Loog Oldham production of a Gordon Lightfoot song. 'The Last Mile' was arranged and produced by none other than Jimmy Page, written with Oldham.

Brian Jones may or may not appear on these recordings.

Immediate Records 1982 re-issue.

Munster Records 2003 re-issue.

Tuesday 22 March 2022

Sergius Golowin - Lord Krishna Von Goloka


Die Kosmischen Kuriere 1973

01 Der Reigen
02 Die Weiße Alm
03 Die Hoch-Zeit

Sergius Golowin was a Bern writer, myths researcher, librarian, recording artist and publicist. In 1973, Golowin teamed up with (among others) Klaus Schulze and Walter Westrupp to record an album for Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser's Die Kosmischen Kuriere label.

Sergius chants and invocates over experimental electronica and stoner krautfolk. A Kosmische classic.

Glücksfall - Carnival in Denton Holme


TOR08. Released March 2022.

01 Track One
02 Track Two
03 Track Three
04 Track Four
05 Track Five
06 Track Six
07 Track Seven

Glücksfall make their live return with 77 minutes of spontaneously composed noise recorded live at The Source Cafe, Carlisle 21/01/22.

Stephen Benson - Guitar
Asha Nicholson - Vocals
Adam Robson - Drums
Mike Roper - Bass
Jonathan Sharp - Synth & Electronics
Amy Tweddle - Guitar
Steve Wilson - Drums


Tom Hepburn - Drums
Jon Ny - Vocals
Dan Russell - Saxophone
David Thompson - Vocals
Loki Thompson - Violin & Synth

Mastered by Jonathan Sharp

Cover art by Stephen Benson

Free streaming and pay-what-you-can download from Bandcamp.

Video highlights reel available here.