Saturday 3 November 2018

Egisto Macchi - Il Deserto

Ayna 1974 / Cinedelic Records 2015

01 L'Eco Delle Gole
02 Segni Preistorici
03 Cammelli
04 Suoni Per Un Rito
05 La Notte Del Deserto
06 Le Genti Del Deserto
07 Ghibli
08 Sabbia Mobile
09 Il Sahara

I haven't posted any Egisto Macchi in a while, so here is one of his finest; 1974's 'Il Deserto'.

Avant classical that goes places few recordings do, highly recommended.

Note; this 2015 Cinedelic reissue has longer edits than the original album, rejoice!

The Heartwood Institute - Live at Warwick Bazaar 28/07/18

Self Release 2018

Witch Phase Four
Age of Aquarius
The Calling
Witch Phase Three
Sun Wheel

This summer saw Warwick Bazaar host it's first live performances.

The Heartwood Institute is electronic music from my home county of Cumbria. Field recordings, hauntology, public information films, ambient, Krautrock and all with folk horror overtones.

Fantastic live set from one of my favourite electronic performers.

Free download here.

Brocken Spectre - Abstractions//Attractions

Treehouse Orchestra Recordings 2018

01 Beyond Nostalgia
02 Clap Hands
03 Downtown Abstractions
04 Art Defacer
05 Colour Fucker
06 Stockholm Cancelled
07 Ended Here
08 (In) Dreams
09 UYA

The latest release from the stable of musicians and artists to which I belong; the new Brocken Spectre album is post punk, art rock, alt-rock noise. I play guitar and sometimes sing.

Free download and limited CD available at Bandcamp.