Monday, 30 November 2015


Bootleg 1969

01. Armstrong Tourist Resthome
02. Tea Gardens
03. Sunspots
04. Dimensions/Plain Talk
05. Tea Gardens
06. Plain Talk
07. Warm Traitor's Breath
08. Armstrong Tourist Resthome
09. Mille Tragedy
10. Untitled
11. Confessions

I've been meaning to post this one for a long time.

Arthur is Arthur Gee, a singer songwriter from Canada. In 1969, he recorded a one sided demo L.P. for the Two:Dot label, which sadly never got a release. Those demos were collected together with other tracks from various sessions, plus a rare 45 rpm.

This is excellent downer acid folk. Don't be put off by the 'singer/songwriter' tag, these stoner poems are lonely, out there and slot right in next to your (more mournful) Donovan, Perry Leopold et al.


01. Unknown - Blood of the Curious
02. Bill Fay - Garden Song
03. Mary Hopkin - Lord of the Reedy River
04. Michael Chapman - Rabbit Hills
05. Foggy - She's Far Away
06. Keith Christmas - The Fawn
07. Roy Harper - Forget Me Not
08. Jackson C Frank - Milk & Honey
09. John Martyn - Road To Ruin (Part 1)
10. Mick Stevens - Burning
11. Kathy Smith - The Blackbird & The Pearl
12. Hedgehog Pie - The Green Lady
13. Famous Jug Band - A Taste of Salt
14. Lazy Farmer - Love Song
15. Faraway Folk - Coming Home To Brixham
16. The Move - No Time
17. Queens Nectarine Machine - Gypsy Lady
18. The Five Reivers - Summer's End
19. Jim Alan - Everlasting Song
20. Nico - Frozen Warnings
21. Chrysalis - Lacewing
22. Tea and SymphonyDangling (Introduction)

Well, here it is; the final Lammas Night Laments. Thank you to everyone who has followed this blog for this series, I hope you can find more to keep you returning.



Phillips 1968

01. Celestial Dreams
02. Desert of Almond
03. Celestial Empire
04. Prince of Amboyna

This E.P. collects the two Phillips singles released by Dragonfly in 1968, it's also their entire recorded output. Heavily influenced by Hendrix and The Doors etc. This band doesn't really sound like the other Scandinavian psych releases available here. It is dead good though, a little bit of fuzzy, bummed out psych.