Friday 21 February 2014


Self Released 1972

01. Nearby Shiras
02. Jacueline
03. Raga No.11
04. September Full Moon
05. Arapahos Circle Dance
06. Tante Olga

Self financed and released in 1972, this is real dark, ritual style psych kraut folk. Really heavy dark jamming with tons of flute, guitars and bongos. Golden.

'Nearby Shiras' featured on Lammas Night Laments Vol.1.


Self Release 2008

01. Ace of Cups I
02. Streets of York
03. Set Piece
04. Blue Onyx
05. Glass Petals
06. Sleep of Ondine
07. The Enclave
08. Cymbeline
09. Robin's Breast
10. Dirge
11. Ace of Cups II

More music on a Lammas tip now. Mr. Pine are a (now defunct) band from Canada who released this gem a few years ago. It's acid folk predominantly and the band are obviously well versed in the Lammas series. Touches of Mellow Candle, Principal Edward's Magic Theatre etc.

Download guilt free with permission from the band!


Capitol 1968

01. Initial Statistics-The New Adherents-Evolutionary Notes
02. L.S.D. Missionary - Timothy Leary
03. Availability and Dosage-Experiences
04. Personal Confusion
05. Brian's Boast-Voyage 34 Pt 1  Departure-Voyage 34 Pt 2  Crash Landing
06. Down An UP Staircase-Opponents and Proponents-Style Over Substances
07. Ginsberg
08. The Acid Test
09. Is This Trip Really Necessary?

"This album is not designed to entertain."

From acid folk to acid now. This 'documentary' album was designed to inform the masses about the effects of L.S.D. It ended up being sampled on dozens of psyche records.

"...ask this trip really necessary?"