Friday, 15 March 2013


Vertigo 1972

01. You Play For Us Today
02. Sahara City
03. Ala Tul
04. Pulse
05. Khan El Khalili
06. Malesch
07. Rucksturz

This month is dedicated to Agitation Free. Not mentioned in the same breath as other, more infuential Krautrock bands, Agitation Free deserve more attention.

Formed in Berlin in 1967 Agitation Free went through several line up changes before the recording of their debut in 1972. Inspired by a tour of Eygpt, the album has several tracks of eastern inspired guitar krautrock, found sounds and field recordings.


Vertigo 1973

01. First Communication
02. Dialogue and Random
03. Laila, Part I
04. Laila, Part II
05. In the Silence of the Morning Sunrise
06. A Quiet Walk (Listening/Not of the Same Kind)
07. Haunted Island

The second album saw a slight change in personnel and a jammier, more guitar sound. There are touches of prog here, think a Berlin Grateful Dead.

There really isn't much between this and the debut, although they have a very different sound and vibe.


Barclay 1976

01. Soundpool
02. Laila II
03. Looping IV

The final album saw it's release after the demise of the band in 1974. Side 1 (recorded in France, March 1973) begins with "Soundpool" which is essentially an extended introduction into a glorious, more stoned version of "Laila". Wonderful.

Side 2 (recorded in Berlin, February 1974) is a 22 minute ambient slow burning jam. Really spooky, excellent.

Although this was put together after the band broke up, this is probably my favorite.

Since this release there have been reunions, compilations and unearthed material but these three records represent the essential Agitation Free.