Tuesday 27 June 2023

The Nightowl Sings / Goatherder - What We See In Storms ​/ ​Future Goatherder


Treehouse Orchestra Recordings 2023

01 The Nightowl Sings - Footsteps Are Not Forever
02 The Nightowl Sings - Deep Country
03 The Nightowl Sings - Wynd
04 The Nightowl Sings - Ottor Furrows
05 The Nightowl Sings - It's Only Love, It's Only Everything
06 The Nightowl Sings - Wayward
07 Goatherder - 12 Apostles Stone Circle, Dumfries
08 Goatherder - Intensification 90
09 Goatherder - Forest Head
10 Goatherder - Sam's Chimes
11 Goatherder - Slow Education

The Nightowl Sings - 'What We See In Storms':

Marc Gillen - Acoustic and electric guitars, drum machine, bass, field recordings and samples, keyboards and vocals.


Stephen Benson - Guitar and mandolin on 'Wayward'.
Emily Ford - vocals on 'Wayward'.
Catherine Reding - violin and keyboards on 'Ottor Furrows'.
Voice of Tom Edmondson used in 'Footsteps are Not Forever'.

All songs written by Marc Gillen.

Recorded in our homes 2022-23.

Mixed and arranged by Alastair Popple at the Kitchen Sync.

Artwork by Emily Ford.
Goatherder - 'Future Goatherder':

Performance, mix and production by Stephen Benson.

'Apostles Stone Circle, Dumfries & Galloway' vocal by Camille Matton, recorded at Hayton Castle. Soundtrack to the film of the same name.

'Intensification 90' drums by Mike Taylor. Completed with found sound January 2023.

'Forest Head' Cmybalin and percussion recorded in Kielder Wood sound installation.

'Sam's Chimes' contains a sample from a live improvisation of Clyde Stubblefield. Piano improvised at The Sage, Gateshead. Field recordings from Carlisle cathedral. Assembled in Hebden Bridge.

'Slow Education' recorded live at Free Radicals, 'An Evening Of Experimental Music', 28th of January, 2022.

Mastered by Jonathan Sharp.

Artwork by Stephen Benson.

Mastered for vinyl by Jonathan Sharp. 


Free download and streaming and extremely limited lathe cut 12" transparent vinyl available from Bandcamp.


Sparklehorse - A Horse's Stomach


Fan made compilation 2020

01 Heloise
02 Heart of Darkness (Wiggly)
03 My Yoke is Heavy
04 Midget in a Junkyard
05 Homecoming Queen (Live on KCRW)
06 Happy Place
07 Haint
08 Waiting for Nothing
09 Almost Lost My Mind
10 Dead Opera Star
11 The Hatchet Song
12 Happy Man (EV11 Mix)
13 Devil's New
14 Wish You Were Here

Surprising but welcome news this month that a fifth and final Sparklehorse album is to be released. Mark Linkous was working with Steve Albini at the time of his death in 2010 and now the family and the producer have completed the album.

I made a two volume compilation of b-sides, E.P. tracks and rarities a while ago. Here's the first one with the other to follow...

Tracks 1 & 13 from 'Gold Day' EP
Tracks 2, 4, 9, 10 & 11 from 'Chords I've Known' EP.
Tracks 3, 6, 8 & 12 from 'Distorted Ghost' EP.
Track 5 from 'Rainmaker' CD single.
Tracks 7 & 14 from 'Maria's Little Elbows' CD single.

Robbie Basho - Rocky Mountain Raga - Live from Elgin - 1981


Grass-Tops Recordings 2016

01 Scottish Rites
02 Prologue for Rocky Mountain Raga
03 Rocky Mountain Raga
04 Prologue for Moving Up A'Ways
05 Moving Up A'Ways
06 Redwood Ramble

A rare live E.P. from Basho. Originally available as a free download from the much missed Grass-Tops Recordings.