Friday, 1 June 2018

Various Artists - Rare Kosmische Vol.1

01 Between - Syn
02 Haizea - Egunarn Hastapena
03 Drum Circus - Now It Hurts You
04 Agitation Free - You Play For Us Today
05 Michael Bundt - The Brain Of Oskar Panizza
06 Hölderlin - Waren Wir
07 Mythos - Oriental Journey
08 Sand - May Rain
09 Staff Carpenborg And The Electric Corona - All Men Shall Be Brothers of Ludwig
10 Embryo - You Don't Know What's Happening
11 Ash Ra Tempel - Le Songe d'Or
12 Joy Unlimited - Flos Lividus I
13 Vinegar - Fleisch

Made this a few years ago.

Satya Sai Maitreya Kali - Apache

Akashic Records 1972

01. Ice and Snow
02. Black Swan
03. Color Fantasy
04. Voodoo Spell
05. Salesman
06. Music Box
07. Love Is Our Existence
08. One Last Farewell
09. I'm Walkin' Solo
10. Silk and Ivory
11. Swim
12. Revelation

Craig Vincent Smith had a pretty shiny, wholesome entry into the music industry; he even appeared on The Andy Williams show.

By the mid sixties, he was rubbing shoulders with The Beach Boys and The Monkees and his band, The Penny Arkade, were recording in Hollywood. By 1968, Smith was associating with the Manson Family and getting heavily into TM and Eastern philosophy. He quit the band and went travelling.

The next two years saw Smith change his name to Maitreya Kali, travel to Asia, back home and then onto South America. All the while being a heavy user of hashish and LSD. During this time he suffered with severe mental health problems.

Back in America in 1971, he recorded this album and self released it.

Total downer folk with a Neil Young vibe. Reminiscent of Arthur and sits nicely with other loner folk records of the era.

Robbie Basho - Home Again 1978

Grass-Tops Recordings 2016

01 The Butterfly of Wonder
02 Ride the Buffalo
03 Omar Khayyam Country
04 Memorial
05 Joseph (of the Nez Perce)
06 Roses and Gold
07 The Polish Rider
08 Call on the Wind
09 Across The Great Divide
10 American Sunday

One of the high lights of the Grass-Tops Records releases was this album's worth of demos, recorded by Basho himself at home in 1978.

Recorded while Basho didn't have a record deal (he would sign with Windham Hill Records later that year), this posthumous release shows how 1977-1983 was one of Robbie's most creative periods.