Friday 19 June 2020

Walter Wegmüller - Tarot

Die Kosmischen Kuriere / Ohr 1973

01 Der Narr
02 Der Magier
03 Die Hohepriesterin
04 Die Herrscherin
05 Der Herrscher
06 Der Hohepriester
07 Die Entscheidung
08 Der Wagen
09 Die Gerechtigkeit
10 Der Weise
11 Das Glücksrad
12 Die Kraft
13 Die Prüfung
14 Der Tod
15 Die Mässigkeit
16 Der Teufel
17 Die Zerstörung
18 Die Sterne
19 Der Mond
20 Die Sonne
21 Das Gericht
22 Die Welt

I was sad to learn of the passing of painter and artist Walter Wegmüller this March. Released in 1973, 'Tarot' was a double concept album that came with it's own deck of Tarot cards.

Wegmüller essentially narrates this set, the music is provided by the Ash Ra Tempel / Cosmic Jokers crowd.

Full on kosmiche.

Spiritualized - Let It Flow

Dedicated 1995.

CD 1:

01 Let it Flow
02 Don't Go / Stay With Me
03 Don't Go / Stay With Me (The Individual)

CD 2:

01 Let it Flow
02 Take Good Care Of It (Live)
03 Things'll Never Be the Same (Live)
04 Clear Rush (Live)

CD 3:

01 Let it Flow
02 Medication (Live)
03 Take Your Time (Live)
04 Smile (Live)

The next Spiritualized single after the 'Electric Mainline' E.P. was 'Let it Flow'. It was released as three compact discs; the first came with a slip case to house the other two.

If I remember rightly, they were sold for £1.99 each, so for your £5.97 you got a live mini album plus a couple of new tracks.

All top notch stuff, the 90's were a bargain.

The Nightowl Sings - Slow Cancellation E.P.

TOR074. June 2020.

01 Summer's Yawn
02 Angry Bees
03 Municipal Dreams
04 Stieg & Eva
05 Future Shock

Marc Gillen - Guitars, Keyboards, Samples, Percussion and Vocals.


Stephen Benson - Additional Guitar and Bass on 'Municipal Dreams' and 'Stieg & Eva'.

Recorded at home by Marc Gillen, April 2020.

Mixed and produced by Stephen Benson, April 2020.

Cover art by Marc Gillen.

"Rain is nowhere
Cloudless drift
Grass is barren brown
Quiet screams are made
But neighbours don't hear
At least the kale is doing well

Photos arrive
From a seaside town
Desolate and clear
Switch on the battered synths
And try to reclaim
Yesterday's joy

Time circles
Like a drunk vulture
No merry-go-round
Just back to the start again
Roll the dice
But someone stole my dreams today"

These songs were written and recorded during the first two weeks of lockdown. I had been reading Eva Gabrielsson's 'Stieg and Eva' as the dark curtain of lockdown descended and this proved to be a good catalyst for the E.P. The books tales of isolation, political upheaval and cultural butchery seemed apt. The music and lyrics for the E.P. came quickly and I was trying to play with different sounds and trying not to get hung up on the perfect take, just going with what felt right. Ste helped do the mixing and added a few overdubs. Its funny how difficult times have you looking for home; for me that's songwriting and TOR, and I'm glad this loose creative family is always a home I can rely on. - Marc.