Sunday, 25 August 2019

Krokodil - An Invisible World Revealed

United Artists 1971 / Second Battle 1999

01 Lady Of Attraction
02 With Little Miss Trimmings
03 Odyssey In Om
04 Green Fly
05 Looking At Time
06 Last Doors

Bonus Tracks:

07 Pollution
08 Krokodil Session Part 1
09 Krokodil Session Part 2

Often grouped along with Krautrock bands, Krokodil were actually an international affair; members came from West Germany, Switzerland and the U.K.

Starting out as a blues based band with prog touches, by 'An Invisible World Revealed', their third album, they had started to add cosmic and psychedelic sounds. The song 'Odyssey In Om' is a kosmiche classic.

I've used the Second Battle re-issue as it includes some jam tracks to expand the album and actually improves on it.

I'll be looking a further into this period in the coming months.

Note: the name of the drummer and the front cover artists is Düde Dürst, so you know it's going to be good.

The Gene Clark Group

Unreleased 1968

01 Los Angeles
02 I Pity the Poor Immigrant
03 That's Alright by Me

Another set of songs given a home within a fictitious alternate timeline.

After the failure of 'Gene Clark & The Gosdin Brothers' and no label to pick up the demos from the 'Gene Clark Sings For You', Gene found himself starting again (again).

For a very, very brief period of time in early 1968, he set up The Gene Clark Band with guitarist Laramy Smith.

They performed a handful of gigs in L.A. and recorded three and a half songs.

Laramy had already played on a version of 'That's Alright by Me' from 'Gene Clark Sings For You' recorded only a few months earlier. This version is more complete with a fantastic country style vocal from Gene.

'Los Angeles' is a new Gene original and has a 'Younger Than Yesterday' type feel and sound.

The original 'I Pity the Poor Immigrant' had only been released a few weeks earlier on Dylan's 'John Wesley Harding' and Gene turns in a wonderful version.

Also attempted was 'Lyin' Down the Middle', but a full take was never completed.

Shortly after, Gene was picked up by A&M Records and started Dillard & Clark.

These three tracks (and indeed The Gene Clark Group) were forgotten until the excellent anthology 'Flyin' High' was released in 1998.

These three tracks deserve their own spotlight and make a grand EP.

Mellow Candle - The Virgin Prophet

Kissing Spell 1994

01 Heaven Heath
02 Waterman Weatherman
03 Sheep Season
04 Buy Or Beware
05 Break Your Token
06 Lonely Man
07 Lords Of The Green Grass
08 Dan The Wing
09 Silver Song
10 Poet & The Witch
11 Boulders On My Grave
12 Reverend Sisters
13 Crabtree
14 Pretty Polly
15 The Virgin Prophet

In their lifetime, Mellow Candle only released one album; 1972's 'Swaddling Songs'.

As part of label Kissing Spell's Erewhon Underground Folk-Rock Series, 'The Virgin Prophet' completes the picture of this Irish underground folk rock band.

Included within are all seven tracks from the Decca test pressing acetate from 1971. The remainder of the tracks are unreleased early songs from 1969-70.