Monday 31 October 2022

Slowdive - "Live"...(Sentrum) Oslo, Norway, 18/10/93


Self released 1993

01 Machine Gun
02 Souvlaki Space Station
03 Slowdive
04 Avalyn
05 Catch The Breeze
06 Melon Yellow
07 Morningrise
08 She Calls

Sold on their 1994 North American tour by the band as a "legit" bootleg. The original cassette can fetch up to £200.

David Hemmings - Happens


MGM Records 1967

01 Back Street Mirror
02 Reason To Believe
03 Good King James
04 Bell Birds
05 Talkin' LA
06 Anathea
07 After The Rain
08 War's Mystery
09 The Soldier Wind

Happens is the debut studio folk-pop album by British actor David Hemmings. The album was created by Hemmings, Jim Dickson and Jimmy Bond.

This folk pop album is pleasant enough, but it's here because of it's contributions from Roger McGuinn and Chris Hillman of 'Notorious' era Byrds. It's fascinating to hear McGuinn and Hillman in full raga rock / psych mode away from their own albums. They contribute some of the arrangements, some of these tracks could of been on 'The Notorious Byrd Brothers'.

Another Byrd connection is the first track, 'Back Street Mirror'. This was written and recorded by Gene Clark and was intended as a single. The record company decided to shelf the release and the backing track was given to Hemmings.

The original with Gene's vocals could finally be heard on 'The Lost Studio Sessions 1964-1982' from Sierra Records in 2016.

13th Floor Elevators - A Love That's Sound


Charley Records / United Artists 2009 (Recorded 1968)

01 Wait For My Love [unreleased 6th single]
02 It's You [acetate]
03 May The Circle Remain Unbroken [original mix]
04 Livin' On [full take with original vocals]
05 Never Another [full take with original vocals]
06 Dr Doom
07 Sweet Surprise [unreleased backing track]
08 Moon Song [unreleased backing track]
09 Livin' On [take 1, edited & overdubbed vocals]
10 Never Another [rehearsal take]
11 It's You [rehearsal take]
12 Moon Song [rehearsal take]

The third album by 13th Floor Elevators was 1969's 'Bull Of the Woods' and was a little disappointing after the first two releases, with only four songs featuring Roky Erickson and Duke Davis.

'A Love That's Sound' (originally from the 2009 box set 'Sign Of The 3 Eyed Men') takes alternate recordings, rehearsals, unfinished songs and mixes from the original recording sessions and gives an idea of what a third album sounded like, had the band stayed together.