Sunday, 25 June 2017


TOR55. 2017

01. Soother of Grief I
02. Short Term Memory Loss Replaced by Nostalgia that Never Existed
03. Soother of Grief II

Between late 2014 and early 2017, I archived any recordings I made; field recordings, demos,
experiments and so on. I put them to one side, unsure of what to do with them.

Occasionally I would review an experiment or refer to a demo. It occurred to me that most of these
recordings would go nowhere, so I decided to give them a home.

In February and March of this year I 'performed' collages of these tracks, the live mix being the

The end result is like an aural mind diary; ideas and sounds all together. It makes some kind of
sense to me.

As always, there is a free download over at Bandcamp.


01. Cul de Sac - I Remember Nothing More
02. Vincent Gallo - Honey Bunny (Mono Version)
03. Plaid - Rakimou
04. John Callaghan - You've Got Your Memories, I've Got My Dreams
05. Savath & Savalas - Um Girassol da Cor de Seu Cabelo (A Sunflower the Colour of Your Hair)
06. Tim Exile - A Little Bit More
07. Prefuse 73 - Perverted Undertone
08. DM & Jemini - The Only One
09. Nightmares On Wax - Know My Name
10. Red Snapper - One Legged Low Frequency Guy
11. Slum - Twilight Mushrooms
12. Broadcast - Message from Home
13. Jimi Tenor - Sugardaddy (Radio Edit)
14. John Callaghan - Give Me Some Air
15. Stereolab - The Brush Descends the Length
16. Vincent Gallo - So Sad
17. Gravenhurst - Cities Beneath the Sea

'I Remember Nothing More' taken from the 2004 soundtrack Dead Man's Shoes, WARPCD126.

'Honey Bunny (Mono Version)' taken from the 2001 promo-only 7" Honey Bunny, 7261-WARP01-7.

'Rakimou' taken from the 1997 album Not For Threes, WARPCD54.

'You've Got Your Memories, I've Got My Dreams' taken from the 2000 10" You've Got Your Memories, I've Got My Dreams, 10WAP137.

'Um Girassol da Cor de Seu Cabelo (A Sunflower the Colour of Your Hair)' taken from the 2004 album Apropa't, WARPCD115.

'A Little Bit More' taken from the Recreated volume of the 2009 compilation box set Warp20, WARP20°.

'Perverted Undertone' taken from the 2003 album One Word Extinguisher, WARPCD105.

'The Only One' taken from the 2004 soundtrack Dead Man's Shoes, WARPCD126.

'Know My Name' taken from the 2002 single Know My Name, WAP159CD.

'One Legged Low Frequency Guy' taken from the 1995 album Reeled and Skinned, WARPCD33.

'Twilight Mushrooms' taken from the 1999 7" Twilight Mushrooms, 7WAP117.

'Message from Home' taken from the 1997 album Work and Non Work, WARPCD52.

'Sugardaddy (Radio Edit)' taken from the 1997 single Sugardaddy / Take Me Baby (and modified slightly), WAP93CD.

'Give Me Some Air' taken from the 1998 7" I'm Not Comfortable Inside My Mind, 7WAP110.

'The Brush Descends the Length' taken from the 1998 compilation Aluminium Tunes, WARPCD59.

'So Sad' taken from the 2001 single So Sad, WAP149CD.

'Cities Beneath the Sea' taken from the 2005 album Fires In Distant Buildings, WARPCD132.


Fire Records 1990

1. Big City (Remix)
2. Drive (Remix)

Released shortly after the original 'Big City/Drive' single, this was the last Spacemen 3 release during their lifetime.