Monday, 15 December 2014


01. Paul Giovanni & Magnet - Fire Leap
02. Bread, Love and Dreams - Poet's Song
03. Spirogyra - Love is a Funny Thing
04. Dulcimer - But Maybe Not
05. Forest - Nothing Else Will Matter
06. Water Into Wine Band - The Start of a Run
07. Light Years Away - The Windows of Limited Time
08. Fotheringay - The Sea
09. Mellow Candle - Reverend Sisters
10. Pentangle - Cruel Sister
11. Shirley & Dolly Collins - Beggar's Opera Melody
12. Marie Celeste - Sally Free and Easy
13. Shelagh MacDonald - Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
14. Dogfeet - For Mary
15. Anne Briggs - Summer's In
16. The Incredible String Band - The Circle is Unbroken
17. Synathesia - Just as the Curtain Finally Falls

The gods (Alastair) have answered us! Here is the next instalment of LNL series! These later volumes have no artwork, so I'll be providing it. If you don't like it, make your own!

Dogfeet are fucking awesome.


Unknown Label 1971.

1. Pacifika Rondo: The Family of the Court
2. Pacifika Rondo: A Play of Dolphins
3. Pacifika Rondo: Lotus
4. Pacifika Rondo: In Sequoia's Shade
5. Pacifika Rondo: Netzahuacoyoti Builds a Pyramid
6. Pacifika Rondo: A Hatred of the Filthy Bomb
7. Pacifika Rondo: From the Dragon Pool
8. Four Pieces For Harp: Serenade for Frank Wigglesworth
9. Four Pieces For Harp: Beverly's Troubadour Piece
10. Four Pieces For Harp: From Music for Bill and Me
11. Four Pieces For Harp: Avalokiteshvara
12. Two Pieces For Psaltery: Psalter Sonata
13. Two Pieces For Saltery : The Garden at One and a Quarter Moons
14. Music For Violin With Various Instruments: Allegro Vigoroso
15. Music For Violin With Various Instruments: Largo
16. Music For Violin With Various Instruments: Allegro Moderato

It's December, so I might as well post my favourite discovery of this year. This album is wonderous, beautiful, magical, joyus, melancholic, out there, human music.

Thanks to A Closet of Curiosities.


01. Emma Tricca - Sunday Reverie
02. Alice Coltrane & Turiyasangitananda - Keshava Murahara
03. Ragtime Ralph - Bandlands Blake
04. Mellow Candle - Reverend Sisters
05. Brood Of Vipers - Psychedelic Web
06. Dogfeet - For Mary
07. Twink - Fluid (Alternative Version Part One)
08. Elvira - End of Side One
09. Twink - Fluid (Alternative Version Part Two)
10. The Coasters - I'm a Hog For You
11. Spacemen 3 - Come Down Easy (Demo Version)
12. DJ Shadow - Lost and Found
13. Elsye Weinberg - Deed I Do
14. Peter Finger - Blues for the Rhine
15. Nicholas Szczepanik - Candour of Night

I am attending a Christmas party this weekend and have been asked to provide a mixtape. I thought I might as well post the results here too. No theme, just stuff I've been listening to, both old and new. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, 21 November 2014


Unreleased 1992

01. Dorothy Gooch, Part 2
02. Dorothy Gooch, Part 1
03. Two American Folk Hymns
04. In The Still Of The Night
05. Banjo Street
06. My Prayer
07. Springtime In Azalea City
08. Our Lady Of Sorrows

This is an unreleased original John Fahey album. Written, recorded and completed at the same time as 'Old Girlfriends And Other Horrible Memories'. There is no artwork for this and would probably have been on the Varrick label if originally released.

'Dorothy Gooch, Part 2' was originally intended to have lyrics, but was never completed. The second part is a re-recording of 'Voice Of The Turtle' track.

'Two American Hymns' is a re-recording from 'Yes! Jesus Loves Me'.

'In The Still Of The Night' is a cover of the hit record by The 5 Satins.

'Banjo Street' is a new composition.

'My Prayer' is a cover of a single by The Platters.

'Springtime In Azalea City' is from Fahey's own archives and dates from 1965/66.

'Our Lady Of Sorrows' is a new version of  'The Voice Of The Turtle'.



Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services 2011

01. Mirror Sequence
02. Electronic Rhythm Number Seven
03. Transmission Four : Crooked Hill
04. Electronic Rhythm Number Four
05. Through the King's Wood
06. Recrypt
07. Theme Number Six
08. Toward Light
09. Sine Times Nine
10. Ecneuqes Rorrim

More delicious analogue bleeps and blips from PCA. Self released in 2011, this sounds a lot like it's predecessor, but may just have the edge. Paired with that record the following year and all three Black Mill Tapes have since been collected in a bonanza C.D. edition. I suggest you buy that, but in the meantime...


Unknown label and year.

01. The Lea Riders Group - Dom Kellar Oss Mods
02. Träd Gräs Och Stenar - I Ljuset Av Din Dag
03. Sogmusobil - Arabic in the Morning
04. Charlie & Esdor - Dagen Ar Over
05. Love Explosion - Stockholm City (Live)
06. Solen Skiner - Militar (Live)
07. Mecki Mark Men - Opening
08. Mecki Mark Men - Playing Child
09. Baby Grandmothers - Raw Diamond
10. Arbete & Fritid - Petrokemi, Det Kan Man Inte Bada I
11. Parson Sound - Tio Minuter

Yowsa! There is literally STACKS of top notch Swedish Psych out there. Parson Sound and International Harvester would have to be my favourites, but this comp is a good way in. I can't remember where I got it (the label and year are a mystery).

The Lea Riders Group track is a real trip, 'Dagen Ar Over' by Charlie & Esdor is one of the greatest singles EVER and the aforementioned Parson Sound prove once again there is an argument for them being the greatest Swedish psych group of all.

Monday, 27 October 2014


Takoma 1967

01. On Doing An Evil Deed Blues
02. St. Louis Blues
03. Poor Boy, Long ways From Home
04. Uncloudy Day
05. John Henry
06. In Christ There Is No East Or West
07. The Trancendental Waterfall
08. Desperate Man Blues
09. Sun Gonna Shine In My Back Door One Day Blues
10. Sligo River Blues
11. I'm Gonna Do All I Can For My Lord

The third and final pressing of 'Blind Joe Death' from 1967. This time, Fahey re-recorded all of the tracks and included an entirely new composition; 'I'm Gonna Do All I Can For My Lord'.


Gramophone Company Of India 1971

01. The Fentones - Simla Beat Theme
02. Nomads - Nothing Is The Same
03. Hipnotic Eye - Killing Floor
04. Mini Beats - Hey Gypsy Girl
05. Velvette Fog - I'm So Glad
06. The Black Beats - Mod Trade
07. The Eruptions - I Am Gonna Erupt
08. The Fentones - Until The Dawn
09. Brood Of Vipers - Psychedelic Web
10. The Eruptions - You Can't Judge A Book
11. Hipnotic Eye - Aimless Lady

Second instalment of the cigarette sponsored Indian garage rock talent contest comps. Favourites this time; the bad ass raga rock of The Fentones 'Simla Beat Theme' and the psychedelic freak out of 'Psychedelic Web' by the wonderfully named Brood Of Vipers.


Unreleased 1974

01. Rider On the Wheel
02. Black Eyed Dog
03. Hanging On A Star
04. Voice From The Mountain
05. Tow The Line

Before his death in 1974, Nick Drake returned to the studio to begin work on what would of been his fourth album. Retaining John Wood (producer of Pink Moon) and with Joe Boyd in attendance, Drake completed five tracks. It's not known what else he intended to record and these completed tracks came out on various compilation albums through the years. It's interesting to hear them compiled together and one wonders how the finished album may have sounded.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Takoma 1964

01. On Doing An Evil Deed Blues
02. St. Louis Blues
03. Poor Boy, Long Ways From Home
04. Uncloudy Day
05. John Henry
06. In Christ There Is No East Or West
07. The Transcendental Waterfall
08. Desperate Man Blues
09. Sun Gonna Shine On My Back Door Someday Blues
10. Sligo River Blues
11. West Coast Blues

Following on from last month's post, here's the 1964 version of 'Blind Joe Death'. "On Doing an Evil Deed Blues", "In Christ There Is No East or West" and "The Transcendental Waterfall" were re-recorded for this reissue, and "St. Louis Blues" was given a new edit. "West Coast Blues" was also re-recorded but omitted to make way for the now 10 minute "The Transcendental Waterfall", but I've included it here as a bonus.


TOR44 2014.

01. Improvisation I
02. Improvisation II

The first finished We Are The Wooden Houses project of several started this year.

In 2005, I attended and performed at a wake for a friend of a friend. At the wake, my friend was presented with a guitar that belonged to the deceased. Perhaps unprepared for the heaviness,  I was given the guitar to look after. He left the county shortly after and the guitar resided in my attic for nearly ten years. On the 18th of April this year, I decided to retrieve the guitar from my attic, clean it up and re-string it. Once I had done this, I had it connected through several effects boxes and amped up. Instead of playing the instrument, I allowed it to build up noise through resonance and feedback and recordeded the sound.

The result of this guitar 'séance' is 'Improvisation II'. The next day, out of the blue and having not spoke for months, my friend called and asked if he could collect the guitar.

The second recording was the first piece of music I made after a rather heavy personal episode. 'Improvisation I' was recorded on the 19th of August this year.

Both pieces of music explore my interest in sound, feeling and the seemingly endless way in which music can be made on electric guitars.

Both tracks were reviewed months later, as Alastair and I decided what to do with our ever growing stash of music. We decided to work on these two tracks quickly, re-structuring and re-mixing. Only using sounds recorded at the original improvised sessions, both these tracks were re-composed into something new.

As always, the download over at Bandcamp is free.

- Stephen.


Gramophone Company Of India 1970

01. Confusions - Voice From the Inner Soul
02. Dinosaurs - You Can't Beat It
03. X'Lents - Psychedelia
04. Innerlite - Zorba's Dance
05. Genuine Spares - Proper Stranger
06. Genuine Spares - What's Going On
07. Dinosaurs - Sinister Purpose
08. Great Bear - Mist
09. X'Lents - Born On The Bayou
10. Innerlite - Baby Baby Please

A recent conversation with friends about Garage rock from India inspired this post.

Back in 1970, the Indian cigarette brand Simla ran a talent contest showcasing new bands. Garage rock was the in thing (interestingly not too far from the time the west was picking up on Indian music). This is the first of two albums compiling the artists.

Check out the real heavy raga rock of the X'Lents 'Psychedelia' and the garage rock par excellence of the Dinosaurs take on CCR's 'Sinister Purpose'.

Friday, 22 August 2014


Bootleg 1973

01. Soup
02. Bel Air

Good soundboard recording of 'Future Days' era Can. this was to be Damo Suzuki's last live performance with the band.


Fire Records 1989

01. Starship
02. Revolution
03. Suicide
04. Repeater
05. Live Intro Theme (Xtacy)

Originally available as a mail order only 12", using a voucher with vinyl copies of "Playing With Fire". Recorded live at the Melkweg, Amsterdam 2nd of June 1988, these tracks are from the same show as the "Performance" L.P.

Spacemen 3 in full feedback drenched assault.


Takoma 1959

01. West Coast Blues
02. St. Louis Blues
03. I'm a Poor Boy a Long Ways From Home
04. Uncloudy Day
05. John Henry
06. In Christ There Is No East Or West
07. The Trancendental Waterfall
08. Desperate Man Blues
09. Sun Gonna Shine In My Back Door Someday Blues
10. Sligo River Blues
11. On Doing An Evil Deed Blues

The story of Blind Joe Death is a great one. 100 copies were pressed and Fahey himself would slot them into the racks of record stores. Blind Joe Death was supposed to be an old undiscovered blues talent, his guitar was made out of a baby's coffin. It was just a pseudenom for Fahey, trying to sell more records.

Two more attempts were made of this album in 1964 and 1967. Fahey re-recorded, re-ordered and replaced over those versions.

Takoma released a nice compilation of the various versions of these tracks, but omitted some.

Here's the 1959 version in full.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Not Not Fun Records 2011

01. Storms that Breed
02. Dream Song
03. Candyboy
04. Romneydale
05. In the Isle of Agnito
06. His Song

Natalie Mering is a many monikered solo artist and sometime member of Jackie O Motherfucker. She has many solo releases, most of which are pretty unavailable. This wonderfully abstract, spook folk L.P. was first released as CDr with homemade sleeve, before getting it's 480 limited run on Not Not Fun.


Impulse! 1968

01. Journey to the East
02. Pars Fortuna (Parts of Fortune)
03. The Look of Love
04. Song Plum
05. Arc 294
06. Lady Friend
07. Antares

Bill Plummer was a successful double bass player in jazz when he took off to India. Finding himself, immersing in Eastern mysticism and music; not an uncommon journey. On his return, he recorded this fusion L.P. It's not all great, but there are some interesting ideas and moments that dazzle.

Highlights include the opening track, essentially the story of Bill's journey. A hip, almost spoken word vocal describes the adventure, while the sitar heavy sixties backing swings away. The instrumental break points at something more interesting; traditional Indian music with free jazz. Heady.

There's the vibraphone and sitar led take on the underplayed Byrds classic 'Lady Friend', but the real treasure is Arc 294. Essentially the aforementioned Indian/free jazz hybrid, but stretched to a ten minute freak out.

Worth checking out.


Vanguard 1974

01. Zarthus
02. Khoda É Gul É Abe (The Lord Of The Blue Rose)
03. Kahlil Gibran
04. Bride Devine
05. Rhapsody In Druz :
      Main Theme
      Wine Section
      Flower of the Heart
      The Flight
      Ocean Section
      Allah Meher
      Baba's Mountain
      Look into your Heart
      Rolling Home

The second of two albums Basho released on Vanguard.


Friday, 27 June 2014


RD Records 2007 (Recorded 1967)

01. When I Walk In the Trees (La La La)
02. Sun Song Ridge
03. Dance Around the Sun
04. Bhairavi
05. Higher than a Kite
06. Alone in the Wonderland
07. All Around (Adagio)

Bonus Tracks :

08. Bamboo Mood
09. Light of Aquarius
10. Ode To Satie
11. Ocean Song
12. When I Walk In the Trees (La La La)
13. The River

This album was to be released by Warner Brothers in 1967. It's easy to see why they may have thought it wouldn't sell, but it's a shame, it was way ahead of it's time. Patrick Kilroy, Susan Graubard and Jefferey Stewart weave a mystical, raga inspired L.P. somewhere between 'Astral Weeks' and mid period Bert Jansch.

Open tunings, bells, sitar, tons of flute, heavy lyrics,'s all here.

The bonus tracks are from a KPFA-FM radio broadcast in Berkeley, recorded before the album sessions.


Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services 2010

01. Transmission One : Lonesome Vale
02. We Have Visitors
03. Folk Festival
04. Electronic Rhythm Number Three
05. A Dark Door
06. Theme Number Four
07. Electronic Rhythm Number Eight
08. Building Twelve, Room One
09. Theme Number Nine
10. Theme Number Three : Briar Lane
11. Gathering

Originally released online in 2010, then on a nice looking cassette by Further records in 2012 and finally as a double L.P. with Vol. 2 on Type Records again in 2012.

Lovely, ominous, wobbly vintage electronica. Cassette tape damage and hauntology.


Unreleased (Recorded 1980)

01. Redwood Ramble
02. Fandango
03. Easter
04. Rocky Mountain Raga
05. Cathedral et Fleur de Lis
06. Chocolate Cake (Ackermann Special)
07. Silky Jane
08. The Grail & The Lotus
09. Pavan India
10. Variations On Clare de Lune
11. California Raga

We haven't had any Basho for a while, so here's an amazing live set recorded live at the Kulturforum, Bonn, Germany. It's the same source as the 'Bonn Ist Supreme' album released on Bo'Weavil Recordings in 2008.

Contains tracks that never appeared on any of Basho's studio L.P.'s, and the version here of 'Pavan India' is stunning.

Saturday, 24 May 2014


Camera Obscura 2007

01. The Sailor and the Siren
02. Shifting Sands
03. Kindling
04. Rusalnaia
05. The Ravager
06. Winter
07. Dandelion Wine
08. Wild Summer

Rusalnaia is Sharron Kraus and Gillian Chadwick. Marvellous neo-folk with a touch of spook and a hint of acid. For fans of Espers.


Yellow Electric 2012

01. Rolling Gate
02. Sleep

Self released and limited to 100 copies, this CDr arrived after AIA and was the focus of live shows. Tape loops, guitar effects, improvisation. Ace.


Wooden Hill 2004 (Recorded 1970)

01. Come Into the Garden / Interlude #1
02. The Grail / Interlude #2
03. Sad Song for the Winter / Interlude #3
04. Mary's Mystery
05. Lady With Bullets In Her Hair
06. Black Hat Babe
07. Song In E
08. Episode At Telegraph Hill
09. Mourning Sounds
10. Peru

Bonus :

11. Sad Song For the Winter (Alternate Mix)
12. Elegy to a Dead King
13. The Voyage
14. Of Reason
15. Reflection of a Thought
16. Mr Binns Takes a Trip
17. Gypsy Wanderer
18. Piper Song
19. Ballad of a Lady Waiting

Chimera are Lisa Bankoff and Francesca Garnett.  They recorded this L.P. for the Morgan Blue Town label in 1969 and despite the big names (Rick Wright, Nick Mason, Bob Weston) this album was never released. The label folded, the band fell apart and no amount of celebrity endorsement could secure a release for this record.

A cassette containing the first mix was discovered during an archival project that would see other Morgan Blue Town releases remastered and re-issued. That too was scrapped.

This record has a wonderful acid-psych-folk feel with touches of prog. Excellent spooky female vocals too.

In 1967, they recorded a tape of their own songs in Rome, and had it pressed onto acetate to give to the Phillips label. These make up the bonus tracks, and make a fine acid folk album of their own.

Monday, 21 April 2014


Phillips 1970

01. Ruckzuck
02. Stratovarius
03. Megaherz
04. Vom Himmel Hoch

The first album by Kraftwerk has never been issued on C.D., none of the tracks have been performed live since 1975 and is regarded by Florian Schneider as "archaeology". The recordings were not made by the 'classic' Kraftwerk line up and it certainly doesn't sound like it.

Recorded the year after 'Tone Float' by Organisation, it sounds very much in between the two and has much more of a NEU! feel (Klaus Dinger appears on this L.P).

Much more 'Krautrock' sounding than anything else in their discography, just don't expect 'Trans Europe Express'. But if you like NEU! or experimental German music, get it on.


Self Release 2012

01. Variation 1
02. Variation 2
03. Variation 3
04. Variation 4
05. Variation 5
06. Variation 6
07.Silent Night

Ryan McGregor is a musician performing and recording experimental sounds out in L.A. A full length album from his band 'And', should be with us in the upcoming months. That release is a jazz tinged psych out. In the meantime, we have this all together different solo release. Six melodic primitive guitar pieces and one festive standard. If you dig soli, get this, it's wonderful.

Available for free download from bandcamp.


Self Release 2005

01. Untitled I
02. Untitled II
03. Untitled III

As a companion to last months post, here's some more feedback drenched instrumental post rock. Given away at gigs, pressed on 3" C.D. in a limited edition of 20.

Thursday, 20 March 2014


2010 Love Lion LL02

01. My last Date (With You)
02. I Couldn't Wait Forever
03. You Don't Know
04. Halfway To Paradise
05. Cry Baby
06. B.I.T.C.O.M.T.L.H.

Angel Olsen has just released her second full length album. Here's the first release from 2010. Cassette only, originally limited to 100 copies. A set of cover tunes all previously sung by female vocalists.


CDr 2006

01. Untitled #1
02. As An Enemy
03. Two Spent Swimmers
04. I Laughed Until I Stopped Laughing
05. Untitled #2

Let Airplanes Circle Overhead were a post rock band from Carlisle, active between 2003 and 2007. This CDr was handed out to fans and friends a few months before their debut (and only) release on the Motive Sounds label. While that release was good, this recording comes closer to how the band were live. The band played a lot during 2005-06 and I sometimes provided video collages as a backdrop. The CDr had no artwork, picture is the authors own.


Self Release 2011

01. Candor Of Night

One of my favourite pieces of music from the last couple of years. Beautiful, glacial, ambient drone. The third release in Szczepanik's 12-CD "Ante Algo Azul" series.

Friday, 21 February 2014


Self Released 1972

01. Nearby Shiras
02. Jacueline
03. Raga No.11
04. September Full Moon
05. Arapahos Circle Dance
06. Tante Olga

Self financed and released in 1972, this is real dark, ritual style psych kraut folk. Really heavy dark jamming with tons of flute, guitars and bongos. Golden.

'Nearby Shiras' featured on Lammas Night Laments Vol.1.


Self Release 2008

01. Ace of Cups I
02. Streets of York
03. Set Piece
04. Blue Onyx
05. Glass Petals
06. Sleep of Ondine
07. The Enclave
08. Cymbeline
09. Robin's Breast
10. Dirge
11. Ace of Cups II

More music on a Lammas tip now. Mr. Pine are a (now defunct) band from Canada who released this gem a few years ago. It's acid folk predominantly and the band are obviously well versed in the Lammas series. Touches of Mellow Candle, Principal Edward's Magic Theatre etc.

Download guilt free with permission from the band!


Capitol 1968

01. Initial Statistics-The New Adherents-Evolutionary Notes
02. L.S.D. Missionary - Timothy Leary
03. Availability and Dosage-Experiences
04. Personal Confusion
05. Brian's Boast-Voyage 34 Pt 1  Departure-Voyage 34 Pt 2  Crash Landing
06. Down An UP Staircase-Opponents and Proponents-Style Over Substances
07. Ginsberg
08. The Acid Test
09. Is This Trip Really Necessary?

"This album is not designed to entertain."

From acid folk to acid now. This 'documentary' album was designed to inform the masses about the effects of L.S.D. It ended up being sampled on dozens of psyche records.

"...ask this trip really necessary?"

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Self Release 2013

01. Goodbye Lalaland
02. Little Bird Cherries
03. Radonitsa
04. Pink Shorts
05. Veselka
06. Homewood
07. No Time To Hurry

This is probably my favourite music from last year. Piano, guitar, tape manipulation and found sounds. Strange, esoteric and beautiful. Imagine if Boards of Canada were a folk band from Russia.

From Bandcamp :

"Straddling these two domains - a rural, removed faith and troubled modernity - we find the barely audible music of Foresteppe (Egor Klochikhin). His most recent recordings - "No Time to Hurry" depict the faraway streets of Berdsk with an air of humbling gratitude. These are introspective instrumentals from the edge of a very welcoming Siberian forest." 

Check it out, the download is free, or pay if you wish.


Funeral Folk ff 015 2007

01. Jack Rose - How Green Was My Valley?
02. Jack Rose - Buckdancers Choice
03. Silvester Anfang - Geen Vlaemsch, Geen Senzen

The late, great primitive/raga guitarist shares a slab of limited edition plastic with everybody's favourite Pagan, Belgian art improvisers.


Ohr 1972

01. Mythoett
02. Oriental Journey
03. Hero's Death
04. Encyclopedia Terra Part 1
05. Encyclopedia Terra Part 2

Krautrock classic. Nice mix of Folk, Eastern instruments, electronics and expansive German freakery. 'Oriental Journey' featured on 'Lammas Night Laments Vol.5'.