Monday, 15 December 2014


01. Paul Giovanni & Magnet - Fire Leap
02. Bread, Love and Dreams - Poet's Song
03. Spirogyra - Love is a Funny Thing
04. Dulcimer - But Maybe Not
05. Forest - Nothing Else Will Matter
06. Water Into Wine Band - The Start of a Run
07. Light Years Away - The Windows of Limited Time
08. Fotheringay - The Sea
09. Mellow Candle - Reverend Sisters
10. Pentangle - Cruel Sister
11. Shirley & Dolly Collins - Beggar's Opera Melody
12. Marie Celeste - Sally Free and Easy
13. Shelagh MacDonald - Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
14. Dogfeet - For Mary
15. Anne Briggs - Summer's In
16. The Incredible String Band - The Circle is Unbroken
17. Synathesia - Just as the Curtain Finally Falls

The gods (Alastair) have answered us! Here is the next instalment of LNL series! These later volumes have no artwork, so I'll be providing it. If you don't like it, make your own!

Dogfeet are fucking awesome.


Unknown Label 1971.

1. Pacifika Rondo: The Family of the Court
2. Pacifika Rondo: A Play of Dolphins
3. Pacifika Rondo: Lotus
4. Pacifika Rondo: In Sequoia's Shade
5. Pacifika Rondo: Netzahuacoyoti Builds a Pyramid
6. Pacifika Rondo: A Hatred of the Filthy Bomb
7. Pacifika Rondo: From the Dragon Pool
8. Four Pieces For Harp: Serenade for Frank Wigglesworth
9. Four Pieces For Harp: Beverly's Troubadour Piece
10. Four Pieces For Harp: From Music for Bill and Me
11. Four Pieces For Harp: Avalokiteshvara
12. Two Pieces For Psaltery: Psalter Sonata
13. Two Pieces For Saltery : The Garden at One and a Quarter Moons
14. Music For Violin With Various Instruments: Allegro Vigoroso
15. Music For Violin With Various Instruments: Largo
16. Music For Violin With Various Instruments: Allegro Moderato

It's December, so I might as well post my favourite discovery of this year. This album is wonderous, beautiful, magical, joyus, melancholic, out there, human music.

Thanks to A Closet of Curiosities.


01. Emma Tricca - Sunday Reverie
02. Alice Coltrane & Turiyasangitananda - Keshava Murahara
03. Ragtime Ralph - Bandlands Blake
04. Mellow Candle - Reverend Sisters
05. Brood Of Vipers - Psychedelic Web
06. Dogfeet - For Mary
07. Twink - Fluid (Alternative Version Part One)
08. Elvira - End of Side One
09. Twink - Fluid (Alternative Version Part Two)
10. The Coasters - I'm a Hog For You
11. Spacemen 3 - Come Down Easy (Demo Version)
12. DJ Shadow - Lost and Found
13. Elsye Weinberg - Deed I Do
14. Peter Finger - Blues for the Rhine
15. Nicholas Szczepanik - Candour of Night

I am attending a Christmas party this weekend and have been asked to provide a mixtape. I thought I might as well post the results here too. No theme, just stuff I've been listening to, both old and new. Hope you enjoy.