Sunday, 4 April 2021

Pauline Oliveros - Accordion & Voice


Lovely Music, Ltd. 1982

01 Horse Sings From Cloud
02 Rattlesnake Mountain

Wonderful first full album recording by experimental composer Pauline Oliveros. Warm drones.

Later released on Important Records.


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goinsidemyhead said...

I grew up in an Italian family and we had an accordion in the house that my brother and me were forced to take lessons for. We were to giddy with embarrassment to learn anything that sunk in. But as we grew older and discovered herbs and chemicals and electric guitars we took out the accordion one day and droned away almost like this but there's a button that when pressed kicks in an almost Leslie like speaker effect that always produced loud laughter and merriment. Okay now I like a droned D as much as anyone but I just can't get behind this so I guess I'll leave this to the bearded hipsters to go ape shit about...but thank you for your gigantic musical ears and amazing posts.