Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Nightjrrs / Heartwood / Goatherder - De​-​Cadere


Treehouse Orchestra Recordings TOR081. 2021.

01 De-Cadere Part One
02 De-Cadere Part Two
03 De-Cadere Part Three
04 De-Cadere Part Four

More music with my own involvement. Recorded and released this month.


John Chambers - Guitars and vocals.
Andy Hopkins - Guitars and vocals.
Nicci Reed - Keyboards and vocals.


Jonathan Sharp - Buchla Music Easel Command, Soma Labs Lyra 8 and Eowave Quadrantid Swarm.


Stephen Benson - Guitars and drones.

Recorded live at Cakes and Ale, Carlisle, October 4th 2021.

Mastered by Jonathan Sharp.

Cover art by Stephen Benson.

The Proseed art group in Carlisle ran an Autumn exhibition entitled 'De-Cadere'. The exhibition opened at the Intro gallery and the after party was held at Cakes and Ale cafe. The cafe displayed selected art works and live music.

Heartwood is the slight pseudonym of The Heartwood Institute when improvising more experimental modular sets.

Nightjrrs performed music from their new album 'Interregnum'.

Heartwood joined Nightjrrs, along with Goatherder for a 45 minute improvisation to end the evening and the recording of that improvisation is presented here.

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John Chambers said...

A very enjoyable session