Tuesday, 31 May 2022

Morton Feldman – Rothko Chapel / Why Patterns?


New Albion 1991

01 Rothko Chapel I
02 Rothko Chapel II
03 Rothko Chapel III
04 Rothko Chapel IV
05 Rothko Chapel V
06 Why Patterns?

Modern classical composer Morton Feldman is best known for his association with John Cage and other avant-garde modern composers of the time.

In 1971, Feldman was commissioned to create a composition to accompany a series of paintings by Mark Rothko in a non-denominational chapel. Scored for chorus, viola and percussion. First performed April 1972, the Rothko Chapel, Houston, Texas.

'Why Patterns?' for flute, glockenspiel and piano, was first performed October 1978, San Francisco.

Engaging, droney soundscapes.


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