Tuesday, 28 February 2023

The Stone Roses - The Paul Schroeder Mixes


Unreleased 1994

01 Breaking Into Heaven
02 Driving South
03 Begging You
04 Daybreak
05 Good Times
06 Tears
07 Ten Storey Love Song
08 Love Spreads
I was recently reading about The Stone Roses 'Second Coming' and I remembered all the 
cassettes that floated around before the albums release. It's an album I admittedly
haven't listened to in years, but these (and future) alternate versions offer an 
interesting listen for a fan.

After nearly two years of stopping and starting and very little recording, producer
John Leckie quit. Engineer Paul Schroeder became the new producer (he too would later 
quit) and assembled these mixes of the tracks they had. Generally rougher, these 
mixes were made for the tons of overdubs John Squire would apply over the coming 

I prefer several of these versions to the album proper.

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