Monday, 29 November 2021

Father Pat Berkery - Prayers For A Noonday Church


Glasgow 1969

01 Baptism/Silent Night
02 Confession/Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent
03 An Altar/O Lord, I Am Not Worthy
04 Chalice/Panis Angelicus
05 Priesthood/Sing, My Tongue, The Saviors Glory
06 Seminary/Onward Christian Soldiers
07 Celibacy/Holy, Holy, Holy
08 Blessings/O God, From Whom All Blessings Flow
09 Preaching/To Jesus Christ Our Sovereign King
10 Sick Call/Dies Irae

Ridiculously rare curio from 1969. Father Pat Berkery was a hip priest from St. Louis who coupled his sermons with fuzz guitar west coast psychedelic rock. Never re-issued and hard to find.


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Thank you. I have been after this one for a while.

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Thank you so much!