Thursday, 30 December 2021

Goatherder - The Hayton Tapes


TOR082. Released December 2021.

01 Goatherder & Asha Nicholson - Solo Wanderings #1
02 Goatherder - The Hayton Tapes Part 1
03 Goatherder & Asha Nicholson - Turn
04 Goatherder - The Hayton Tapes Part 2
05 Goatherder & Asha Nicholson - Solo Wanderings #2

Some more of my own music now...

'Solo Wandering' and 'Turn' performed by:

Stephen Benson - Effects & Piano.
Asha Nicholson - Piano, Voice & Effects.

Recorded live August 1st 2021. Mixed November 2021.

'The Hayton Tapes' live improvisation performed by:

Stephen Benson, Felicity Cromack, Emily Ford, Stephanie Gardner,
Gareth Hodgson, Ricardo Marzo, Camille Matton, Asha Nicholson,
Nick Taylor & Samantha Staniforth.

Recorded July 31st 2021. Mixed October 2021.

Cover illustration by Emily Ford, Photography by Stephen Benson.

Inbetween the lockdowns of 2020, I became a frequent visitor to Hayton Castle. The castle is a 14th or 15th century tower house; this was extended in the 16th and 17th centuries. It's occupants were artists, professionals and hippy types. 

The following year, an idea was formed about an evening of music performance, to be recorded, in one of the many rooms of the castle.

On the evening of July 31st 2021, several hours of jams and improvisations were recorded. Some were structured; to create a collage, contributors were given instruments (radio with effects, electric guitar with effects and trumpet and saxophone) and asked to make what sounds they could. These would be played alongside each other, but parts performed in isolation.

The majority of the evening was a series of live improvisations. I played electric guitar and effects with the rest of the performers used various drums, percussion and horns.

These recordings have been cut up and mixed together as 'The Hayton Tapes'.

The next morning was set aside for the second purpose of this weekend; to record myself and musical pal Asha Nicholson. In the same room, improvised piano and vocals were processed and effected live, with editing and mixing taking place in November.

Front cover llustration of Slag Bank by Emily Ford, from unused book cover.

Download, streaming and cassette version available from Bandcamp.

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