Tuesday, 23 August 2022

Goatherder - Music For Promenades


TOR088. Released July 2022.

01 Sea Barn
02 Dubmill Point
03 Piano #1
04 Lapse
05 Music for Promenades
06 The Hayton Tapes (Vocal Drone)
07 Chichester House
08 W. Rag
09 New Years Day
10 Postmodern Grief Possibilities

Another release from the Cumbrian label of artists and friends. This time, it's my own music.

All music performed, recorded, edited and produced by Stephen Benson, October 2020 to October 2021.

Guitar, voice and effects on 'Music for Promenades' and piano on
'Postmodern Grief Possibilities' by Emily Ford.

Drums on 'Postmodern Grief Possibilities' by Steve Orchiton.

Voices on 'The Hayton Tapes' by Felicity Cromack, Emily Ford,
Stephanie Gardner, Gareth Hodgson, Ricardo Marzo, Camille Matton,
Asha Nicholson, Nick Taylor and Samantha Staniforth.

Mastered by Jonathan Sharp.

Cover art by Stephen Benson.

"Recorded during a pretty awful period...a collage of sounds and ideas that document that time. An avant-garde meditation on loss and grief." - Stephen.

Available for free streaming/download or as extremely limited vinyl pressing from Bandcamp.

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